WWE Survivor Series Results: Smash clean 6-0 of SmackDown Live


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Updated: November 19, 2018 11:18:20 am

WWE Survivor Series Brock Lesbians Daniel Bryan's appreciation of Survivor Series. (Source: WWE)

WWE Survivor Series Results: Shane McMahon's Smackdown Commissioner as a "Blue company" has failed to produce amazing results. One winner of this year's Survivor Series wins. The Raw brand established a total command when they cleaned the floor with a 6-0 win on the same night and incorporated the two companies to win the bragging rights.

In the main event of the night, the Universal Championship of Raw Brock Lesnar was the Champion Champion WWE Daniel Bryan. YOU! A good man fought for the Beast Incarnate, knocked down with three Running Knee and locked him in "YES! Lock." Bryan Lesnar also hit a low beat but did not send it away for the three accounts. He gave two F- 5 from Lesnar to finalize the WWE Championship and won the final tool for the Blue logo.

The most surprising at night Charlotte attacked Champion Ronda Rousey at Raw Women who struggled to disagree with Disqualification. Her Queen ended and attacked her; Baddest's Baby on the Planet with steel chairs, and then attacked WWE officers. She then locked Rousey's neck inside a steel chair and jumped to break Rousey's neck.

In the Men's Elimination team tag, Raw received a 3-1 decision by Braun Strowman, Bobby Lashley and Drew McAntyre as the last ones. In the women's team tag game at the end of the work, Nia Jax stayed the only survivor.

The only suffering for Smackdown Live is still a # 39; The impact of a Tour was in the 10-day tag-team Elimination game, in which Usos was the last standing men to win them.

After the show, Shane McMahon was angry to Twitter and said that things could be changed to his / her; blue flag. "This is not the night I remember for Sgioba Gorm. It's a new day in tomorrow, but something needs to change Tuesday," he said.

WWE Survivor Series Results

Champion Champion Brock Lesnar def. Champion WWE Daniel Bryan

Ronda Rousey Champion Champion Raw Women Charlotte Flair via DQ

Talk Smackdown Live in the 5 Star Outline of Traditional 5 Games game from men

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy def. Mustafa Ali

Team Raw Tag AOP battles def. Smack Team Winners Tag The Bar Bar (with the Big View)

Intercontinental Seth Rollins Competition def. United States Championship Shinsuke Nakamura

Smackdown Talk Diary Match Series 5 out of 5 women women

Maids Kickoff:

Smackdown def. Raw in 10-Tag Team 10 Survivor Traditional Team Shutdown Series

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