WWM: Dauerstudenten & Nesthocker: "With a professional key", turn out at 500 euros


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<p class=Norbert Pany is an “out of son”.

(Image: TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius)

17 semesters for the bachelor, 800 euro "pocket money". Life could be as beautiful as a permanent student and a nest stool – if it was not for this mystery secret. Shackles? Jauch smells fresh air. I am a Prussian, find out from this.

Günther Jauch was a personal test for the exam. Traditionally ordinary students will be at the bottom of the list of lists "Who wants to be precise". He was surrounded on Monday night. As well as the special nesting stall and the men involved in glittering suits, which live despite their parents' wages and don't even carry out the rubbish. While the candidates were looking at them at something (they had nothing to risk – a lack of ambition and so on), Jauch was largely set up by his enemy ability. inspected. "I say a foreign word: a job," he tried proposals that could not be traced by Mama. But then fortunately he was finally about a woman's anatomy.

To prevent permanent students from harming themselves, friends or relatives appeared in the election election. Norbert Pany was built in the hot room with his best friend Anna Bindl. It escapes: in the end the end of the financial package has to pay 800 euros per month. The 23-year-old daughter from Munich was the main example of the applicants tonight: he preferred smarter clothes, glass hair and a very good mix of self-confidence and Assurance. The student immediately started.

Their parents spend the cost of life

He was a “son of a son” and the parents were “very much in love with me”. "They give me my life and living life," the group of behavior explained. He hasn't studied philosophy but for a few semesters but now tries it on the link with communication science. An extra 800 euro would come to the University of Oxford – books and what I know ". Jauch had already turned into a draft. Then, fortunately, it was at the time for displaying the ankle.

Pany should know for € 500, where he will get his fetters in women. Suddenly, it was very quiet. "What do you first look at with a woman?", Asked Jauch listless. "Hey, deserve, '," replied the applicant. T The moderator was already ahead of the first wild card, where a neat stool had actually responded D. D. Thus, the results are found between the eyes and the high eyelid. Can you show yourself, Jauch wanted help? However, an adult pocket money recipient is opposed to a council. "I don't know, we're taking D now," asked Pany. Jauch was so pleased to welcome the business break as far back.

The 23-year-old was sent home with zero euros. Malte Schulze from Kiel (29, 17 semester, who is still living at home, has paid 500 euros pocket money) easily through the trails. It was 64,000 euros, the night winner, but lost its "moving target" of 125,000 euros. Does the mother (“I'm proud”) close her hotel? Question.

"It's very lazy"

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<p class=Moderator Günther Jauch with Sven Mayer

(Image: TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius)

Sven Mayer's mother (25 years old, training banker with only about 2000 euro, lives in the nursery, spending his money on golf golf). T the joy – notwithstanding their confession "it is quite lazy." The Karlsruhe candidate won 16,000 euros, the dreams which went (I have to find a flat first), but he wants to jump t with money.

A total of the frame fell out the last one. Fabian Kranz has been examining for 17 semesters, but finally has his oral test next week. The Rastalockenträger, 28, aged WG, and a skateboarder from Berlin, arrived in a clear yellow banana shirt that surpassed Jauchs. After the show was 16,000 euros at the end of the show, his parents were hitting the audience, as parents rarely see parents on television. "Look, the hands are there," said Jauch. "It is a wedding day today," said the applicant's mother. The couple are married for 31 years. It was just like the same student that put the second month organized … t

"WWM" takes a few weeks. The exhibition is back on 1 April (Jauch: "No joke").

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