X-Factor: It can be a proxy for Radics Gigi


Thursday, Radics Gigi seems to be standing from the X-Factor chair after two seasons and aiming for his own career. Of course, the estimates started starting, who will be the next X-Factor judge instead of Gigi.

"At this time, there are editing hearings, so we're still waiting for candidates who are feeling the X-Factor" t– Marcell Verebély a creative producer.

According to Blikk, a well known assistant, Goth Tóth, may be inviting the post, which took three sessions over, but also Csobot Adél, Andóthoe, Vera Tóth and Anna Pásztor. Who would you like to see in the X-Factor program?

Civic Award 2019
Astronomers bake, drink straw, female bridemakers, hospital teenagers, children's footballers, training previous snails … which one is the biggest civil conversation?
Who is better than the final people for other people and a more wonderful world? Which group would you give the audience the prize?


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