X Factor: Mel B says that she spun on a cocaine when she woke up & # 39; to get started & # 39; filming Celebrities Showbiz & TV


Mel said: "I was so short there two weeks into the X Factor filming I started using a cocaine to get through running the show." I had said I was sorry. I was out of control, "wrote her new autobiography, Brutally Honest, on her journey in the Sunday Sun. She told her she would take two lines of the drug when she woke up first to deal with filming.

"Then ask my prayer," God, I'm sorry for a & # 39; taking a cocaine, but God helps to get this day, "she said.

"It affected my pain. He raised me enough to be ready for fire on the cylinders and I remembered everything but the show."

Spice Girls starred that she took up to six lines of cookie a day when she married Stephen Belafonte.

Mel found that she did not always catch the drug & # 39; X Factor featured and said she does not believing that he had hit his performance on the series.

She explained that "she did not need anything" once she was working on the show, "tired up jokes" with Simon Cowell and playing with her & # 39; crew.

But when she disappeared, she said: "The kitchen would come back from my bag and into my nose. One line, another line, and there is one and another. It was a cocaine in my response that was moving quickly. "

Opens out her struggle with depression and anxiety during her 10-year marriage to Stephen, who put her in 2007, said she was Five or six centuries of coconut the day before and after work.

She talked about a Steven response on her drug use, saying she would "smell" her and warn her to think about "image".

Mel and Stephen, who are seven years old, together with Madison.

The mothers, who have two other girls, Phoenix, 19, have been married to Jimmy Gulzar, and Angel, 11, from her relationship with Eddie Murphy, was divorced by Stephen last year and finished a late court battle in August when ordered to pay its legal costs of £ 270,000.

The judge also threw obstacles to which both of them had appealed against each other.

Their settlement saw the two agreeing to stay 200 boys apart voluntarily, with exceptions being made for Madison school events and out-of-school activities.

The Spice Girl settled his case against a violent anti-Jerry home against Stephen and his previous nanny, Lorraine Giles, last year, after saying that he had been undergoing years of abuse physical and mental.

Mel also said that the engineer had been enforced by his & her; a member she had now to complain to give her clear information.

The pair refused the allegations and Stephen said "normal and Mel-related performances" had been in the kitchen and alcohol.

In court papers recorded during the divorced divorce proceedings and received by her, Mrs. Mel asked her husband to rescue her and her daughter. claiming that he put away sex with other women who then was secretly filming and his / her; threat was released.

Steafan named the "slipper campaign" bids and he told allegations that he had been pregnant with a "unintentionally and unhealthy" child.

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