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Xbox One Games News: Microsoft drops THREE big Xbox Game Pass Updates for fans

Xbox One Games News: Microsoft drops THREE big Xbox Game Pass Updates for fans (Pic: MICROSOFT)

Since the X018 conference Microsoft held in Mexico City in early November, the company has been going from strength to strength.

We've noticed that Microsoft has been really keen to push the Xbox Games Pass service over the past few months – and now it's clear to see why. The Netflix-inspired subscription service has been surpassing all expectations and seems to be as beneficial to Microsoft and its partnered developers as it is to the end user.

This week, we saw Microsoft boss Phil Spencer reveal that Xbox Games Pas is doing quite well for the company, having attracted 'millions' of subscribers.

"We are seeing incredible growth with Xbox Game Pass, we have millions of subscribers today," noted Spencer with an interview with LevelUp.

But why is Xbox Games Pass doing so well right now? Well, there are a variety of factors.

Firstly, it could be value for money: it's been less two years since the service launched and already we can see that the service is home to over 200 games! That's a huge amount of value for a sub- £ 10 a month subscription.

The rate at which Microsoft is adding games to the service should not be sniffed at either: back in July this year, Microsoft Games Pass was only at 180 titles. Now we've hit the 200 mark, we can assume the company has enough heft behind it to start attracting even bigger third-party titles.

The likes of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Fallout 4 and PUBG are already a part of the service – with numbers and stats looking as healthy as they are, we may see other publishers willing to commit to letting their titles go live on the Pass on the day of release.

This week, Microsoft also announced that it'll be allowing users to pre-load games that release on Xbox Games Pass before they officially launch.

"One of the biggest asks we've had for @XboxGamePass was to allow pre-load (pre-install) so you can download and be ready the second launch happens," tweeted Xbox corporate vice president, Mike Ybarra.

"It's available now – and starts with Crackdown 3 on Xbox and Windows."

That means that Xbox Games Pass would be the ideal way for players to get titles they want on Day One – it means there can be no worries about delivery day delays, shops running out of stock, or noncommunicative retail outlets.

The benefits of using the service are just mounting up at this point!

To make things better, until Christmas, Micorosft is running a promotion that allows you to test out Games Pass for £ 1 per month too!

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