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Xiao S showed that he had been playing a billiard board for six years. (Tencent video / climbing)

Recently, Big S took over the beauty of the beautiful beauty show "Miss Beauty", which is a special guest. sister S, the sisters really contribute to laughter with each other. In a & # 39; program, the S little part of a lot of their own maintenance, and also a & # 39; talk about everyday life. Interesting things, and revealed that she and her husband, Mike (Xu Yazhen), had been fighting for six years at home, and even even at her house. Another party: "I can not stay at home!"

Xiao S said Mike is very unhappy with her husband to play a billiards board in the living room. She is very unhappy with her husband to go to; playing billiards board When she asked Mike to buy her head, the other party can respond. Let the guests and their friends play, but indeed the little S wants to put a table in the room, it's easy to eat and drink with friends and relatives, and the two have been in & # 39; strive for 6 years.

Art source:The film / little S and her husband appeared accidentally for 6 years

Lastly, he could not help the little S. He told Mike: "If you did not board the pool today and gave me a wooden board, I can not wait for this home." Fortunately, Mike was in danger and bought a piece. She was given her table, and the last board ran to a large home S, and the S said, of course, "This is the longest and most intense time."

(Times Times Newsletter)

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