Xiaomi includes a & # 39; Redmi Go mobile budget, and cost more than one thousand miles


Xiaomi recently made a Redmi private label, in an Honor style from Huawei. The latest mobile phone is in the series Redmi Go. As the name is recommended, this is a movable that is; The system runs based on the Android Go To Google budget. Europe's price is only 80 euros.

With today's exchange rate and attention to other factors, this corresponds to SEK 830. However, it's the hard copy and smells 2012: a 5-inch LCD screen (720p), Snapdragon 425, 4GB, 1GB, 8 / 16GB memory, dual fuel SIM, 8MP back camera, 5MP camera face, and 3000mAh battery.

It is not clear why Redmi Go comes to Sweden through official addresses.

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