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Chinese resources say Xiaomi is developing digital phones with key shows. A decision of this kind, according to facts, will allow you to abandon the selfie camera.

The equipment will get a main 6.5 inches AMOLED Samsung display with a resolution of 2 340 × 1080 pixels. A search engine scanner will be built under the screen. Stations that promise the display to be displayed; 98% of the share of their front panel. The back panel will take the 4-inch screen, but also with a high resolution of 2280 x 1080 pixels.

And above camera will be sent with sensors with a resolution of 12, 20 and 40 megapixels with a flexible image installation. This solution will allow you to abandon the normal camera for throwing selfies and self-images on the main module. The protection of the Gorilla Glass hard glass reminder panel gives good, and the feature of the opponent will be introduced into the scanner with a screen branch.

The novel will be built on the new generation process of Snapdragon 8150 Qualcomm. The expected RAM numbers and memory are 6-8 GB and 128-512 GB, respectively. This type of type may also be available Battery Enables 3,600 mAh and 5G network support.

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