Xiaomi is preparing a phone with an exhibition as nobody else


Smart Xiaomi smartphone communication with curly displays on both sides

| Picture: Letsgodigital

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The phones will go to their; least. Samsung has a bracelet on the sides of the screen, which is particularly the case of the country, Apple again on one screen around the screen so that the chin under the screen is not the edge of the edge. We also remember one cloudy that has completely failed. Xiaomi's model is going on, as we can not even # 39; and phone.

Published by the World Liability Group, the company's patterns were published, and the LetsGoDigital Dutch Portal was named. It is clear in the picture that both sides of the screen are lost, which are less than the place for day and night. Such a phone would be made with a rinestone model blood, so if the company does not know how to do it. It is just a number on the patent line.

Xiaomi needs to solve some problems with this model. In the first show to b & # 39; Best, there was room for the camera, the speaker, and the sensors. Does the company have the technologies available as long as? Can it hide under the show? If there may be mistakes and bonuses, even if they are not; can not set out its & # 39; Simplicity that is similar to the HTC model. There is no place that your corporate branch is clear to you, which suggests that it should be hidden in the exhibition.

The patent needs to be bent so that it will be a bit of future futures if Xiaomi wants some of the makers to do it. It is very good practice. So, such a phone does not need to rise, or I'll finally know it.

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