Xiaomi Mi9 quick purchase of Media Markt and Saturn


The Chinese smartphone provider Xiaomi is now landing here with us: Le Media Markt and Saturn, one of Germany's biggest electronic retailers is now involved in selling and are selling. to the Xiaomi Mi smartphone 9 to their range of goods. German customers can also make a future strike with prices starting on 449 euro.

As his colleague Caschy noted, Media Markt and Saturn are both electronic agents of the MediaSaturn Group recently because they have changed both the Xiaomi Mi 9 and also their many colors in Europe. Indeed, this is the mechanism made for the European market and thus takes forward band LTE 20, which is particularly important in rural areas.

MediaMarkt and Saturn guarantee that they will be available within a week and will offer the opening price for version 64 GB of 449 euro. Also, the version 128 GB will be available soon, and will be dependent on 499 euro. As a Mi9 MicroSD card slot is missing, the last example is what people interested in catching and taking should be.

Also, the Xiaomi Mi 9 gives a large proportion of the features also available in other smartphones which are currently – considerably lower. The OLED 6.39-inch display comes with an FHD + resolution inside, as well as six gigabytes of memory up to 2.84 gigahertz faster Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 the service.

The manufacturer also advertises the device with the browser with a 48-megapixel camera in the background and the expanding expanses and the wide surface that could be used to make much more in photography t what he had been before. With 3300mAh, however, the battery is not just a few hundreds of canoeing, until the folding in glass and aluminum Mi 9 in this regard, as well as the surface of a MIUI changed slightly behind the competition t back.

Who can live with the small interests, which include the lack of visual viability of eyes and sometimes software, very poor, and compared to the same way as the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S10 at least the third cheaper option of Xiaomi Mi 9 they can meet. Soon you will be able to take the device with the tools available immediately on Media Markt or the Saturn market before buying your hands.

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Smartphone, Sony, Xiaomi Mi9, Xiaomi Mi9, Xiaomi Mi, Xiaomi Mi9

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