Xiaomi smartphone broke in a resident pants in Russia (picture)


Chinese corporation Xiaomi has always been a major player in security case in its electronic devices that he does, but his smartphones are not smart; stand up with the Russian hard landscape. In literature at the beginning of February, the news was that a Russian schoolmate had a man who had a phone this text correctly during the lesson, as a new case today, over Russia. The "Picabu" port user with the meta1984 name said his phone was broken than a phantom.

It is said that the Russians were found, and inside, that his mobile phone, Xiaomi Mi Note 3, had started his bad weather, in connection with his attempts to to be drawn out, hoping to establish the purpose. Despite that, when he put his pocket in hand, Russia realized that he had a very intense heat coming from his phone. In some way, he kept pulling a mobile device out of his pants pocket and throwing it on the floor, and then blew up then. In this case, he began to burn as long as it was a pocket.

At the end, after a few fingers after being on the floor, smart Xiaomi My Note 3 phones started to go; Grow with black bubbles of boiled plastic and produce black smoke that is very harmful to people's health. The victim suffered as a result of this event, deep shooting of the leg, as well as a man on the fingers that suffered from the phone that was fired. It does not say that the handheld is not working later after this, and it does not seem possible to restore it, or its information.

It does not know what to include the smart smartphone Xiaomi in Russia, especially since it was in a specific situation that was not linked to a source power. My Note 3 memorandum is just overdue the case, in a defense case. But, indeed, indeed, nothing like this should have happened. Russia is not exposed to the designation of the maker due to a bad phone being burned. The official representation of the brand may be the event's investigation.

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