Xiaomi was delivering a budget watch


Xiaomi презентовала бюджетные наручные часы

The dial is covered with sapphire glass.The Chinese Xiaomi company, is a reason for reason, much thought, not only does smart phones, laptops, laptops, battery and sport release, but also many other devices. Today, November 17, 2018, the electrician made the public the double black watches that you can buy for $ 25, reciting the Chronicle.info with a description of portaltele .com.ua.

Applicants are alleged to be obedient to all those who are similar to classical style and key materials. The result is Xiaomi TwentySeventeen Ultra-Thin, as it is already available for a prior order in China, and the sale is expected to start in early December. This is a true quartz that has a 5.5 mm body, which shows how to cost the machine. The dial is covered with sapphire glass, which writes which is almost impossible.

The diameter of the case is 40 mm, and is made of 316L high quality steel. The maker even protects water from water and dust to IP66, so they are not afraid to expose the water and rainfall of course without water, but to use them in the bath Not in the bath but not worth – they're sure to break. The product is available for purchase in three silver, black and gold colors.

Thanks to the classical class, TwentySeventeen Xiaomi Ultra-Thin looks very appealing and amazing, but the best of it, they usually go. Looking for classic classical wear. For fun, the mobile gadget is not suitable, because it's not a fun. his band.

If silver and black colors are available for a pre-order order now, the gold version will be available shortly, and maybe early in 2019. Because these watches are & # 39 ; sold for just $ 25, this is a good buy.

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