Xiaomi will include a powerlessly-powered power tank bank.


A new flagship, Xiaomi Mi 9, has been famous for a period of 20 February, but Mysmartprice's special news stories have now brought the amazing result.

This is a wireless powered bank. This is an unexpected step, because there is no certainty about any powerbank, and he did not think that anyone thought that the maker could imagine it . If Xiaomi finally includes such a wireless power bank, this is a # 39; His first model of his kind in Chinese company's plotting care. In the report mentioned, you will not get too much information about the mystery product, but you will learn to have 10,000 mAh capabilities.

In a tag "One More Thing", we learned that Mini-player Xiaomi could be taken to the same task, but now we just do not; Thinking that "something else" means just the power bank, what society to be left is a delightful wonder. Xiaomi's PowerBank is one of the most effective and most expensive ways to market, and it would be. Waiting for wireless versions to be good. However, Xiaomi is undoubtedly influencing its & # 39; famous Xiaomi Mi 9 model in the next week.

source: GizChina

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