Xiaomi's double-twin phone looks better than ever in a new video – Tech


Remember Xiaomi's main idea on a phone that goes in two places? The company publicly announced that it is working on it, and even has published a number of videos, but the phone is still developing.

Well, a new video of the device has appeared on the Chinese social media Weibo, and while it doesn't show us anything new, the phone looks nice and the UI conforms to the closed state. soon.

In the video, we see someone visiting through some content, and then exchanging the phone to its flat state, pushing it over and pushing it onto a cup of nuggets immediately.

Again, out of each of the empty phones that I saw, this man is making the biggest difference in size: When they are folded up, it is not much more than a typical phone; when it is fully published, it is actually a positive record.

The new video doesn't answer any of our questions about conversations with accidents and selfie, but it'll be hey – until those phones that emerge are commonplace, feel that there is a come from the future, and we are always seeing more.

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