Xiaoying passed the Taiwanese label 85 degrees C when market price was moved 4 billion – Mirror Weekly

Xiaoying passed with the Taiwanese label 85 degrees C when its 4 billion mirror Weekly market limit

KY is at 85 degrees C – KY, as the president of Tsai Ing-wen was over the United States and bought a coffee, and was labeled as an independent enterprise with Taiwan with China's mainland China tools. Therefore, it was urgent to report on the official website of the mainland yesterday to support the 1992 agreement, but this was disturbing Taiwan. Netizens, the stock price came straight after the opening of its market today, to the limit to 246.5 yuan, fortunately the decline is; at the moment have come together. President Tsai Ing-wen visited the country a diplomatic relationship for "Gongqing Journey" and went to the United States on the 12th to the 13th Northwest of the US. When his team passed a 85-degree cafe shop in Los Angeles, Tsai Ing-wen and group reagents went out of their car for coffee purchase. After that, he pulled out the mascot's ear and named it to President Cai. I did not expect the photos to be circulated on the internet, and said that a special order was given to 85 degrees C for President Cai's president, causing dissatisfaction from mainland users, focusing on 85 degrees C as Taiwan's independence campaign. , the risk of cooking, and & # 39; refuse to buy. Since the 85-degree C income in China is not low, most of the stores have nearly 600 sources in which; the first half of the financial report, and so it is particularly aware of the behavior of the mainstream machine tools. After the incident, they sent out a & # 39; emphasizing hope for crosses. Peace, the position that strongly supports "Covenant of 1992" has changed. We & # 39; Continue to maintain & # 39; "overlapping family" credit to provide quality products and services across the Taiwan Sound. However, it seems it's difficult for mainland users to be angry. It is said that 85 degrees C have been removed from websites such as mainland mainland platform. On many platforms, the APP could not investigate for 85-degree C information or information related information; The 85 degrees C of Quanzhou City were surprisingly exploded in their continent with its " a local market manager bureau based on a regular food safety survey prior to the Autumn Festival and the "11". Follow the 85-degree stability C to burn, also caused market disputes. In addition, 85 first reports on the official website of the mainland to support the 1992 consensus, which also disturbed Taiwan users, so the food -KY after her & # 39; opening price

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