Xiaoyu, a 32nd Top Model Miss World, has a white sign


Wednesday, 11/21/2013 13:40 PM (GMT + 7)

Mrs. Tiffany has a & # 39; White, beautiful, latex shoulder shoulder beam in Miss World's best model competition.

Little Vy is carrying a white skirt, rated as 32nd Top Model Miss World - 1

Close the bird that Little Vy chose in the best model

Miss Xiao has participated in the best Module competition, one of the most important Miss World competitions. The winner of this competition will be ranked in the top 30 final awards. However, Xiao Vy's only 32 did not win, he did not win.

This is part of the test that needs a skill in the climb and also a & # 39; value the competitors' fashion sensation. Miss Tieu Vy won the NTTi designer for this war. Talk about this, her & # 39; White dressed by cats and gave 10 days to finish. He said that the beauty of the Vy is subtle, true as the flowers in a tree and a symbol of fortune.

Skinned white linen, saturated flowers are covered by artists made together, together with a complete organza and stone device designed according to the Vietnam Vietnamity 2018. He spent 10 days to design their entire uniform.

Little Vy is a white-haired girl, rated as 32nd Top Model Miss World - 2

Tran Xueyi is a skirt of an NTT designer in the & # 39; Best Module Championship in Michael World 2018. It is a beautiful white dress in the dress with decorated flowers with detailed decoration, together with an organza and a stone member. Time.

Little Vy is carrying a white skirt, which is 32nd Top Model Miss World - 3

Miss Xiao at Miss World 2018.

After the performance, Miss Xiao and other competitors were on the platform with cocktail uniform. Miss Xiao Vy was struggling and her & # 39; confidently tidy with a clear smile in her female pink dress.

After two exhibitions, Ms. Xiao Vy was rated in 32 in her & # 39; Top Model. The French Model won the best Module Awards. Although this war was not won but the highest candidates for the 32/118 have confirmed some of the age of 18.

Little Vy is a white-white beam, rated as 32nd Top Model Miss World - 5

Miss Xiao Yin 2 dressed in the best Module competition

Play Tieu Vy

Ms. Tiffany played MTP Tung MTP beat in a talent competition at Miss World 2018.

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