Xie Changting returned to Kaohsiung! Make the face and ankle books of her poets: Han Powder is everywhere – Zhongshi News


The 2018 election campaign started on the 24th of 24th, and all the candidates took the initiative to take the ticket in the last week before the election. Affecting Kaohsiung's problem of "Wave General", the Advanced Democratic Party brought a platform for heavy-winged. Returned to Japan's first representative to Japan, Xie Changting, to Taiwan to run Kaohsiung. Today, he and President of the President's Office Chen Ju and Lai Qingde Business Director Chen Qimai Stadium will be.

Xie Changting also wrote a poem on Facebook. He wrote: "I'm coming back from Kaohsiung! A feeling of loyalty is a sudden. Are Kaohsiung's friends so funny to be so passionate? Are the scenes beside the river still beautiful and pleasant? " He also laments the truth. It is filled in every place, and European powder is everywhere. It is inevitable that there is a feeling of "Chorusich Night which attacks the flowers and its fall, and the horses avoid the red."

At the end, Xie Changting wrote a secret statement, "Is this a preliminary ruling for the government? No good opportunity to awaken attendance? It is in the last few days."

(Times Times Newsletter)

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