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China's acquisition of a "re-educated camp" in Xinjiang, hosting local Uighurs, international community conviction. One of the victims of the day, organized by Amnesty International, was invited to speak in Japan, put on his hands and legs, to let everyone know what kind of offense he had to do, They were ill. Crying and ankles on a & # 39; podium, born in China, Uighur Bekali, born in Kazakh, was invited to speak in Japan. He wanted to tell the difficult situation of Xinjiang's "re-educated camp" through the mouth and body.

He said there is such an hell like. Every week, three or four will be removed and will not come back. When Bekali returned to China to visit relatives in March last year, it was arrested by the Chinese police officer for "helping Muslims escape." The rehabilitation camp lasted for 8 months. As well as physical torture, be in a hurry to sing indigenous songs every day, and even to do it; criticizes Islamic beliefs, it is more spirit than it.

Although China always states that it is a "professional training center" known as a "professional training center", it seems that China's official statement is " grow bigger and unresolved because those who suffer are suffering; appear one to one.

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