(XSAG 8/11) An Giang lottery results today 22/11


An Giang lottery results (XSAG 22/11) received an award at 16h15 on 22/11, this time the special prize is worth two billion 886042.

Lottery Result on An Giang (XSAG)

Lottery Result on An Giang (XSAG 22/11) Now 22/11/2018, won an award at 16h15 on Thursday.

Xsag 811 is available through 2211 today
XSAG output today (22/11).

In this time, the special prize of the VND 2 billion 886042 prize was worth. The number 43952 won the second VND 30 million award; The second VND15 million prize is equal to the number 38908.

XSMN Prize Structure

There were 9 awards at the South Lottery (from AW to Eight) to & # 39; including 18 numbers, equal to 18 awards.

In addition, An Giang's winner won nine special awards, each one who won 50,000,000 VND for tickets only the wrong number of hundreds of thousands of special awards; 45 concession awards, every 6 million VNDs that won for one-digit single-party ticket tickets compared to the special prize, but only for hundreds of thousands of wrong digits compared to special awards.

Tickets are valid, original, original, without clothing, without clothing, without clearance, cutting, cutting.

Winning time

It is 30 days in a prize-winning traditional lottery lottery award, and # 39; Counting from the date that won the proof of the winning (the prize-winning day). After this time limit, traditional lottery tickets will not be more valid.

In cases where problems or complaints arise, period of payment will be extended to allow official decisions to be made to the competent United States.

If the date for the award (30th day) of the traditional lottery ticket is given on holiday, holidays, Tet holidays, volunteer holidays and a company, holiday heat in the year as ordered, paid; Company Awarded to buyers on the next business day.

If the date for receiving the prize (30 days) does not come together with holiday vacations, holidays, Tet, holidays, Tet according to & # 39; company, company liability as follows: Users need to exchange lottery tickets on the 30th day, but the geographical locations are not available to the company to receive the prize, but information to the company about lottery tickets in the form of a fax ticket lotion suspicion or submit via e-mail … the company pays the bonus on the next day. XSAG Enter the same prize period.

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