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Original title: Xu Dazhe: Responding to the feelings of President Xi Jinping about the health of the people

On its operational day of 2019, Governor Xu Dazhe led the government executive meeting. Her & # 39; against a business item that: to analyze and & # 39; Implementing new year's Message President Xi Jinping. Xu Dazhe stressed that all levels of government departments at the regional level of the message New President's Year Xi Jinping at President Xi Jinping should work hard. If they do not want to wait, they are struggling to do a good job in government work to make a good start this year.

Secretary of State Xi Jinping to warm up

President Xi Jinping added a new press release in 2019: "Our reform will not last last year, and the opening door will grow bigger and larger. " "The people are the most powerful power of us to rule." "There is a step at the same time that expresses the great cause of the unprecedented people." "Progress" also stated that "we will actively promote the construction of" Belt and Road "and continue to promote the construction of a community of human growth." "The Message of the President's New Year Xi Jinping demonstrates strong political power and demonstrates the responsibility of a responsible country." Xu Dazhe got it.

Xu Dazhe said that President Xi Jinping was specifically named in the New Year's message "To give all scientists, every engineer, a suggestion to every person big country designer & quot ;, every builder and participant "," often worried about fighting. The companions who had been out of his & her; poverty, "a & # 39; remember the people who need them, "they said the first member of college students who started again in the college entrance test, the heroes who gave their lives to the country, and the detainees to defend the country's defense. The judge is a messenger, healing worker, taxi driver and creators and defenders for thousands of a good life that still works hard at night, "a full feeling of health as President Xi Jinping, and I'm very warm after listening."

I do not want to wait for government work.

We launched a new year in Swiss snow, and it was introduced in 2019 to influence the impact of water and snow.

"In the new year, we need to do more things, and our days will be more successful. We need to be more specific." Xu Dazhe said that all levels of government departments in the New Year's 2019 newest message of President Xi Jinping should work hard. We need to focus on the crisis and the responsibility that we will be able to; Waiting for times and struggling for the three battles, and # 39; Encouraging high quality development, and ensuring that all work this year is better and better.

Xu Dazhe stressed that this collection of water and snow-watering process is frozen in a & # 39; Our share is going on. Government departments at all levels in the department should be able to; contributes greatly to reconstruction, rescue and other work, and more attention to the victims. "We need to draw on the feelings of President Xi Jinping's emotions and put care of their party and the government at the heart of the people."

(Text / Lu Julan)

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