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Improving the aggressive image of colors 2019

Yamaha will allow a vehicle with a 2019 color jet of "MT-07 ABS" fitted with 4-stroke that is cooled with water, a two-inch DINS 688 cc machine from 1st March.

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"MT-07 ABS" is enhanced on the concept of "enthusiastic and clever sport" as a module that is " contributing to running enjoyments, high design capability in urban areas, achieving excellent cost, "driving sports that you can enjoy with your awareness of casualties It is supported as a carriage praising "rich life by motorcycle".

In the 2019 color, which is newly connected to the line, including "Matt Lite Gray Metallic 4" with a good idea of ​​a bass color, it will live (vermillion) on a & # 39 ; wheel. An arrogant image was targeted.

Also, the "MT-07" and "Matt Dark Gray Metallic 6" price are sold at a regular "MT – 07" at 77,000 7600 yen (including a tax charge).

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