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Zhang Wenya said he wanted to say he is accountable. (taken from Zhang Wenya Facebook)

Yesterday's article is Meng Tingyi and Weibo. "I'm sorry to dip water on other people because of" public irritation "and" unbelief "(taken from Meng Tingwei Weibo)

The 9-year-old Meng Tingjun and Zhang Zhipeng wedding were split in 2013. Zhang Yanya, who played the third-stage film "All the Way to the West", became the third child involved in marriage. But Zhang Zhipeng refused the truth and stressed Meng Tingjun as a result of values. Different divorced divorces. However, after many years, Zhang Wenya Jin (21st) was suddenly rebuilt in Facebook, and even added the truth about the divorce divorced Meng Tingjun as "a lesbian with a 12-year lesbian was convicted in marriage. " Cearcall, 妄 妳, 还 还 还 还 还 还 还 还 还 还?

Zhang Wenya said his relationship with Zhang Zhipeng was innocent. Zhang Zhipeng is the only leader of her sales company. She complained about Meng Tingjun that she had many unusual relationships with her assistant, Miss Liu, when she married from July 2012 to January 2013. After the incident, she was at 5 in her. month, he left the house three times, Despite the danger of opening the scene, and Zhang Zhipeng made a division according to the terms she opened without being able to; Using wild ways to disable adjustment actions; company.

Finally, Zhang Wenya said again that I would like to say that I want to be accountable. "I can not understand that I'm not aware of what Meng Tingwei is doing, and the people who destroy Zhang Zhipeng family are happy. What can be done outside the law?

On the other hand, Meng Tingyi helped an article on Weibo Yesterday "that there is no reason for pouring dirty water on others, he wants to" low-profile "and" distortion ", and It seems that he's responding to the Zhang Wenya case.

Full text of Zhang Wenya's face book:

Miss Meng Tingjun, hello.

The long Weibo I put yesterday, I am still reserved to Mr Zhang's face in word pricing, but yesterday I will allow your 12-year-old child to get involved in the event and leave legal words incredible advertising for warning. I hope that every time Mr Zhang will give his own wishes for his father's love, then Ms Liao Peiling, a co-worker of a Taiwanese flagship company, supported me yesterday's job and got ee today. 妳 私 私 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I know and realized for four years, that is, I feel that I can be embarrassing and ignorant.

7 Between July 2012 and January 2013, Mr Zhang was still married, and there were many unusual homosexual relationships with Liu Yingjie, representing its company. After the event, she left home three times in five months. The risk of visualizing the scene was severely disturbed by actions that could be done. company, and Mr Zhang had to name the divorce in accordance with the contracts opened by him. From the time of the divorce divide in January 2013, he still walked with the lesbian and organized it. He went to Beijing to work in Hezhong Entertainment, and then put the players out of the way and play around the show. Arctic Weibo introduced interesting and interesting articles always. It is understood that he is also an incredible disciple who has been learning Buddhism for many years. Ginger and garlic do not encourage food to eat, but it has been removed by a 12-year lesbian, and then Mr Zhang, who is protected by life, has been the focus of public criticism. What is Buddha still learning?

This society is very uncomfortable, just because I am in a position; participating in a three-stage film, no matter how hard I am doing; try, I'll be listed with colorful leaflets, especially hardships, and those who are so unaware of how spectacular, Just as Buddhist's teaching is related to mouth, usually I'm going to doing charity and charity. The gentleman and gentle mask can allow a group of supporters who can not understand hard work. Protectors do not have any restrictions … In the end, one of them is the very low artist. ?

Finally, I repeatedly made the truth about the divorce between Mr Zhang and Mr Zhang. I want to say that I am willing to take responsibility. No matter how hard I can to & # 39; Covering the air, I'll have a last cover. Why is this a popular one? Then what kind of lesbian Liu Yingjie, who is rude to Mr Zhang's family, could go painless?

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