Yanet García came dangerously into the full-dressed wizard and everything was recorded on Facebook | Mexico Fb | Face MAG video


The Mystic Guest House Yanet Garci'a it was a very special living on a set to & # 39; program & # 39; Today & # 39; where a magician did more than one activity; However, what she had ever had to think about; , she would be a prime person. Everything was recorded in a video that causes an awareness Facebook.

Nicolás Galat gave out the traditional cards to start his magic and asked him to take part in the "weather girl". "We're going to do more magic around this and I have a special trick that I want to do with Yanet"said the young man. The sensual producer was not waiting to hear the request from the Jurado Jurado that "disappearing" is what he said: "Many people have already asked me and that's worrying me".

Yanet Garci'a She gave something to the joke and said "Oh my God!" And then ask not to erase this world with a magic trick. "You know the letters, right? You will select one letter and then I'll try and create an emotional link", Nicolás said in the recording Facebook. She said he was very active to the card deck and he named his name 2 of his sword.

Then, the wizard put it in four and asked him Yanet Garci'a Put it in your mouth and place it with the face teeth, until it is well protected. Then, he asked Jano Jurado to draw a letter and went on to sign the 6 hearts too. He pushed the same way and put it beside his tongue.

This is where the "dangerous" video came, because it was not willing for Jurado to make sure it was "the old game"; to get a kiss from Yanet Garci'a to say that there "This is a magic in this wizard, I think it's trying to disturb". Laughing, they came in and played the two cards and looked into each other's eyes.

As expected, the video of Facebook showing how successful & # 39; What was the trick and the wonder of the girl's daughter & # 39; and that she ends in the & # 39; mouth of 6 hearts and the young man and the two legs. "The strong mental link", the wizard finished.

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