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Count down to the poll! New Taipei Prime Minister, Su Shichang, had a new "New North Society Work" evening in Yingge Yesterday (20). On the scene, 3,000 stakeholders came to a place to support the people of the area. On the site. Su Shichang said that Yangge should develop the business features of the business 2.0 in the future. It should be compared with Matsumoto City craftwork in Japan in May, and create a worldwide market in Yangge, and create traffic and hardship to attract people from all over the world. The yangko will appear. Su Shichang also said that as long as the water of the songs is opened, there will be water and water in New Taipei City in the future. The fans welcomed Su Shichang when he left the playground. The tour was almost ten minutes. Answers to the enthusiasm of Yingge people.

A party was held by Zhang Honglu and Su Qiaohui, and the Zhutou and Shi Wenbin artists were sing to encourage the atmosphere. Gao Minhui Members, Peng Chenglong, Lin Mingren, BP Zeng Jinyi, Zheng Zhihong, Liao Yizhen, Chairman of Public Transport Songge Township Huang Fuchun, Wang Dingyu Legislation, Hong Ciyong, News Secretary of the City of Taichung City Zhuo Guanting, Zijulan seated and Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan was on the platform and stood up.

▲ Su Yanchang, candidate of the Chief Executive of the Democratic Party, a dynamic party in Yangge, welcomed the people, trying to do it; shake hands and pictures. (Photograph / photographer Lin Yicun)

The leader of the Taichung City News Department, Zhuo Guanting, today, with his Hong Kong Hong Kong, today, hopes to bring his wife and his children into the changing season the New Taipei City. He noticed in the past, that many of the initiatives went on to replace Su Shichang's modes on the old ceramic street. However, the Su Shichang team played a strong coordination capacity, they built the old ceramic street in the shortest time, and let the people opposed to responding. Zhuo Guanting also stated that after finding Green River's problem with Taichung Master Jialong's Master, Su Shichang's rule in the home is not easy to understand. Li Ciyong of the legislator also said that everyone knows the political parts of Su Shichang, and tonight, as a Yangko daughter-in-law, came to persuade Su Shichang.

When the president's government, Ye Julan, delivered a speech, he said that Hou Youyi, who stressed Taiwan's hard and honest opponents could not, stand against the historical test. In the meantime, Thomas Youyi chose to work on orders, and gave military and police officers to invade unreasonable pupils. After 30 years, he still said "doing it again," and there was no shame. But when a South African military officer held his case, Hou Youyi made the truth and said he was convinced by the talks. "The Xie Changting is an unarmed weapon that was introduced for negotiations with Chen Jinxing." Ye Julan said that Hou Youyi is not the letters of the mob, but the face is really moving, he chooses to live outside. "There is no Taiwanese integrity and wisdom in Hou Youyi." Ye Julan said that this election is clear, dark, powerful and angry. If Su Shichang is not at Xinbei City to establish its foundation during its tenancy, no transport will be on every side, and no home is not flooded. "The power is to use the power and let the people see it." She appealed, Everyone supports Su Shichang who is always on the side of weakness and justice.

▲ Su Shichang agreed to develop the business features of 2.0 in Yangge and create an international market for high chemistry. (Photograph / photographer Lin Yicun)

Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan said he is now a Taoyuan master. Taoyuan and Yangge work together. The future rail and MRT will be built, and the Yingge area will be an important center. So, a Health line will continue from Fengming. Daxie de Bade Station is connected to the Green Line, with a small section of the Taoyuan MRT to New Taipei City. In the future, the rail and MRT connections will make more Fengming relay to; leadership of Yangge development. In addition, in the future, we will sign up an agreement with Su Shichang to share a common life cycle, and we will do the exchange road, the MRT and the underground railway, and we will make a big exchange channel next to Daxi and Yangge Datun Road. Students who attend high-level songs are able to reach the road from Datun Road. Zheng Wencan also said that Su Shichang builds the New North with his feelings and his. affecting the place. "What makes things, the area can make progress for a long time." He asked the Xinbei citizens to choose Su Shichang if they want to make progress and change.

Su Shichang explained in his speech that he attracts two million tourists annually in the old ceramic street and a pottery museum built by Yangge. After giving it, it is still a & # 39; get worse. Su Shichang said that he should sing the songs in the future. Knowledge of their knowledge; At the Government Dean, the Business Acura 2.0 developed, and Matsumoto City's craftwork continued in Japan in May, to create an international market in Yangge, and to draw around traffic and hardship to people from all over to attract the world. Yangge's best craft is seen, and the songs and songs should be reproduced. Su Shichang also said, as long as the water of the songs is opened, there is water and water in New Taipei City. "

Su Shichang continued to say, although the recent storm has influenced Chen Ju, she came to Xinbei to help her choose last night. She is very grateful to her and also for being uncomfortable. When Chen Ju was sent to the military court due to the beautiful event, his pain was executed. Cha b & # 39; The final statement is to seek judgment and lightness. Taiwan can move to democracy. "As such, Chen Ju, who has been fighting for Taiwan for all his life, is buried." Su Shichang is sorry that Chen Ju has been in a position; fighting from the youth to the present day, and has been fighting from Taiwan to Taiwan. This land allows Taiwan to move forward. "Taiwan's democracy has not grown from the ground, not from the sky, but from our fight." Su Shichang asked everyone to use the ballot to give Chen Ju a lot of determination. A woman is warm and gives a unique confirmation to those who make real things. "Select the right person, we do things, let's change the New!" (Narrator: Lin Xianya)

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