Yankees and Mariners spoke to the trade of Robinson Cano and Jacoby Ellsbury


With the Mariners in a full-fireed manner, the Yankees gave the idea that they had come with Robinson Cano.

After finishing one mega-deal earlier last year, Seattle went out to Mets and Yankees about Chano earlier this, with the Yankees who responded to Jacoby Ellsbury, according to a report .

The Applies Inner, who invented a store, had reached the Mariners out to the Yankees about a contract that put two largest baseball engagements. The speeches fell after the Yankees asked the Maidens to take "important money" with Ellsbury.

The transport could be able to achieve two of the baseball dance stars with a new start to end their roles.

For Cano, the $ 36-year has been $ 36 million over the next five quarters. He spent a lot of 2018 at attending 80 game cascade for a & # 39; Verify for prohibited content. He would not enter the second base for the Yankees and he did not; He was the only opportunity he could be a first device and his name. Cano beat .303 with 10 households running in 348 plaque events last year.

The Yankees do not want to go to one player in their spot DH, according to the report.

Ellsbury has been a catastrophe crash since he introduced a 7-year-old, $ 153 million contract, including a full merchandise clause, in 2014. a 35-year-old chroman arm man and lost all her last season. Scott Boras's campaigner in October said he expects that Ellsbury is ready for training in the spring. It has owed $ 47.2 million over the next two years.

The general manager of the Jerry Dipoto sailors came out to the Mets about Chano, but this idea did not attract much, according to the report. Dipoto is still trying to give a long while & # 39; It is still going to be restored to Seattle. The Yankees had made a connection with the previous Mariners when they attacked James Paxton on the left to expose what was expected, and including Justus Sheffield earlier this month.

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