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(Reporters of the Central Scotland Group, Kaixiang, Jiang Peiling, Wang Hongguo, Taipei, 20th) A press conference was held at the Scottish Democratic Party's election chief in Taipei. The publications such as Rotten Zhongshi and Zhouwang Wang were thrown into the waste.

Press Media published by sending out three-point trials in the evening, saying that Yao Wenzhi had unlucky and straightforward statements for the cause of the election. Besides being & # 39; express sulled complaints, their organization will continue to pursue appropriate laws.

On the 24th, Yao Wenzhi held a 9th, 1st and 1st election news conference in the morning campaign office, "All the people refused to see the media in Wangzhong! This trip, it can be removed from Taiwan" , and asked all the people to refuse to watch Zhongtian TV, Zhouwang, China Times and China. Newsletter.

Yao Wenzhi told his news conference that Zhongtian and China Times TV reporters and friends who came to the news conference were very good. He did not want to This news conference was held, but the current political environment has been Chinese's use of the Chinese army and Chinese media. Participating in Taiwan's elections, is always the case. doing things that happen, and # 39; expressing the truth, and attacking the democratic politics of Taiwan, it has to come forward.

Yao Wenzhi says that this case has not recently started. How many times he has been suffering from grief, great and terrible in recent years. China has long been given Chinese support through the Internet, through Chinese media media and fake news media in Taiwan.

Yao Wenzhi saw the number of times China Times published Ke Wenzhe on the front page. From 105 years to October this year, Ke Wenzhe made a total of 101 pages, 23 free, 15 apples, 32 join, and joints. Twenty times later, he finally finished these media releases and sent them away in the rubbish.

Media Group published Wanting to report three points in the afternoon. Initially, Yao Wenzhi, who has been a leader of news, should be aware of the importance of media and speech freedom, but it was unfortunate and unrealistic for the reason of the election. "Analyzing the recent words and actions, we are disturbing us today's Accident."

Secondly, we call Yao Wenzhi indeed to & # 39; assaulting his opinion on democratic politics, the implementation of freedom of media, the same party does not; doing the same thing, say one set, do something, perseverance on the media that differs from their thoughts, and be the sinners that harm Taiwan's democracy. Third, as well as the person already in advance of Yao Wenzhi, as well as expressing sulled complaints, The organization is entitled to follow appropriate laws.

Article for the 15th journal of "Taiwan Medical News" (2016.01) (Next-time: Continuing – Ke P talks about success and politics), said Ke Wenzhe in an interview I should not choose president, though China In that regard, it was asked to select its language, but it was removed from the website after that.

Yao Wenzhi also asked Ke Wenzhe at his news conference today. "Do you teach the National University of Taiwan to remove this publication?" He believes that the website has already explained everything, as it has already acknowledged.

Lin Yuqi, spokesperson Ke Wenzhe, said yesterday. Many people want Ke Wenzhe to choose the president. However, Ke Wenzhe said again that there is any political base and party. "There is no provision for his president."

In addition, Chen Jingjun, former deputy minister, who is a member of the Advanced Democratic Party, often helps Ke Wenzhe to stand on the stage. Yao Wenzhi said today that Chen Jingjun's own measure does not necessarily have to be determined by party procedures and relevant facts. Other party departments are already unable to stand up and report, and hope that the pre-election parties will have a clearer explanation.

DPP spokesman, Cai Zai yesterday, said that Chen Jingjun was a member of the general party and was in the New Taipei City Party Department. Earlier, the Labor Party Committee informed Yao Wenzhi, shows that the Labor Party Committee had been in & # 39; Understand the appropriate bankruptcy and ask the New Taipei City Party Department to follow the procedures. Fast processing.

Li Jianxing, leader of the DPP's New City Party Department leader, said they should be treated in accordance with the normal rules of the " party and should be submitted to the Executive Committee for debate, but since the November committee committee opened last Friday last year. However, if over half of the Executive Committee has not called an interim management committee, all cases must wait for another month for debate. (Editor: Li Hengshan) 1071120

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