Yao Wenzhi questioned Ke Wenzhe to the former head of World Games, the closing event is not on the stage.


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2018/11/22 13:12

(Wang Yangyu, Taipei, 22nd) Wang Yangyu, Democratic Democratic Party Reporter, Taipei, Yao Wenzhi, today to question whether the Chief Executive of Taipei Ke Wenzhe has called Deputy President Chen Jianren to come to power before the World Games service to change Chinese players.

Liu Wei, who is a spokesman of the Taipei Government, has announced that China's President of the Republic of China, and Deputy President Chen Jianren, to the President of the Chinese Republic, President Tsai Ing-wen also attends the closing event. And the suspicions that were born out of anything were used as election works. "This behavior is ugly."

Yao Wenzhi was alongside Su Zhifen and party councilors Zhou Baiya, Yan Zhaoxiong, Wang Yusheng, Jian Shupei, Li Qingfeng, etc., to the Dawn's Wenshan team to clear the streets. Before the street team, Yao Wenzhi was "everyday". Q: His news conference said Ke Wenzhe turned around when he met questions related to China.

Yao Wenzhi Ke Wenzhe questioned. Before the World Games final ceremony was held on 30 August last year, he asked Deputy President Chen to not be able to go. come to power to change Chinese players to get in.

Yao Wenzhi also said the defeat of the Golden Horse Awards on Taiwan, Li Mingzhe and other events, or Burkina Faso, Panama and Taiwan, would see the damage to the diplomatic or international organizations of Ke Wenzhe Taiwan's human rights and its Using different ways to win Taiwan. All are realized. When they meet China, they turn and can not harden.

The reporter told Yao Wenzhi why he attacked the same party member of the rally party last night. Yao Wenzhi said, "I stop them (listeners' supporters) from criticizing the peers of the same party." He asked everyone to look forward. I hope that the partners in the party will be together. (Editor: Fang Peiqing) 1071122

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