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Vandalite Madaidhean no Tandab! Yasir Shah in the sunny day in the desert in Dubai The opening of the New Zealand 50 opening ceremony was not bad. Yassi did not return to the attack yet Why should he come to the Wilson team? They lost 10 pounds with 40 runs! 8 of Yasir Chan there is no evidence of better advocacy in the UAE and no one else. In response to 418 Pakistan, New Zealand was reduced to just 90 runs. After a fall after him, he finished performing the third day with 131 runs for two pages. These two pages are Yasir. Kiwi needs to eliminate an additional entry level 197 Tom Latham 44 and Ross Taylor play 49 races.

Jubilant Raval and Tom Latham made a 50-runner-up stadium in Dubai. Yasir started in an attack and the two broke. Latham Imam-ul-Haq took 22 for 22 members. The rest of the Yasirama story is. No-one in the last nine in New Zealand can be able to connect to the # 39; His trip Captain Kane Wilson defeated the catastrophe at the end of the day. Yasir saw one of the team partners going to the companions to come and come in. At the end, it did not run on 28 runs. 7 for 8 wings in the 27-ball space.

Yasir Olopatlat with 8 teams in 41 runs many books of the recording books. This is the best thing that any archer has on earth in the UAE. Two years ago, Debendra Bishoo from West India made 8 for 49 with the best of the day. This is also the third ride in a pub of Pakistani corpses. The Kadir abdul stories (9 for 56) and Sarfaraz Nawaz (9 for 86) Yasir's achievement is the best against New Zealand, but it's best to perform Yasir. South African Goffin Lawrence & 8/8 in the Johannesburg 1961/62 season was just as good as the day.

Yasir Tanday returned, the number 4 to 11 of the New Zealand champions to the marquee but with five runs. Six of the eight sticks on 0 return are returned. A test history has seen something like this. And in total, the sixth of the six runs in a & # 39; fifth test in the fifth game Final in India-England 2014 test. The entire route to New Zealand to 90 runs in the UAE is the second highest. The lowest score of 72 of the English runs in Abu Dhabi in 2012 CricInfo

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