YB Entertainment group, the BigBang group, ends with Seungri's contract.


Artistic steering group Corea YG Entertainment gave an official announcement today (13 March) that it would be completing its contract with Seungri, a member of the Big Kang pop group, BigBang.

“We want to acknowledge the greatest apology that caused so much concern to supporters and the public on the issue of violence at the Seungri-led club and the subsequent development of events” t said NI.

“Following Seungri's announcement of his resignation, YG decided to accept his application to terminate the contract."

After the police examined it for working for prostitution, Seungri was later announced that he retired from showbiz on his Instagram account on Monday (11 March).

Before joining the star, YG says that Seungri did not consult them about the issue at that time and that everything was still uncertain ".

“As an artistic director, we cannot control our artists properly, and we are currently considering ourselves,” wrote YG.

They also said the company "recognizes the need to reform, and we are committed to our staff working together and striving to achieve this."

In less than two months, BigBang Seungri singer has been wearing plates that has brought on display work.

Posted by The Straits Times on Wednesday, 13 March 2019

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