Year 2019 – Kristodachau at Skoda


Skoda 2018 has been defending the second place (for the second time in a series) in Austrian passenger car registration statistics. The Czech Republic completed its previous year with a market share of 7.5 per cent (2017: 7.1 per cent). This means: 25,434 new registered vehicles (2017: 24,914). The tendency: rising. The traditional chief of the company in Mlada Boleslav is still working with the usual standard to ensure that it is stay like that. This includes the maintenance, refurbishment and extension of a modal module to & # 39; program and individual editing as a result of driving upgrades with digitalization at all levels – from sales to sales.

As part of a day trip around Kahlenberg (Vienna), Skoda gave a performance show and the status quo of the developments. One of the moving stars of the new Kodiaq RS, is & # 39; The first Japanese SUV, who is also an athlete, has 240 diesel power and the family-friendly features comfortable with the seven optional ones. The first examples of the Power Bear have just come to Austria. As a result, the younger Karoq brother starts in new changes: on the one hand as a strong Scout with a total wheelchair and 150 or 190 pp, otherwise as SportLine fun, also with 150 no 190 pp. With its party one of the two years of 2018: Fabia has just turned 20, it is available as a special model compatible with 60 or 75p from the 1.0-liter three-peroxide gasoline device. The secondborn is the Octavia birthday. The ancestor of the third generation today appeared in 1959. Shortly now (again) is available as a natural gas monovalent nature (with nine liters of gasoline as a crisis)
reserved) and 130p power.

"Last year, Skoda got the highest in Austria in the second place. And this year the preparatory year is for a transfer certificate …" Gregor Waidacher, Skoda Austrian media spokesman

One of the next steps is the completion of the SUV family ending: At Show Motor (March), the Kamiq subcompact, which is currently set for the future, will be alive in the future. So far, the shared class is upgraded: as a result of Rapid, at the end of 2018 Scala presented, he will organize even more crystalline design – as a future director of Skoda Optics – from April to retailers.

Not all plans of the Jewels for this year have been resolved (as well as being involved in WRC2, supporting the World Hockey World Cup and their collaboration with & # 39; a tour with Cirque du Soleil): The Show will get a wide autumn to renew technology. In addition, the draft version is close to the & # 39; The final step of the development is ready to go early in 2020. Even before Citigo car identifies the start of electricity and electricity age as a battery electric. From autumn, E option ranges up to 300 kilometers in reverse. And in 2020, Sealladh E filled power, creating up to 500 kilometers on a total battery car.

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