Year each year, the 58 Copa Libertadores benefits – 11/22/2018


This Saturday will be a new king in America: The River and Beul to explain the Cup Libertadores 2018 in a game that is undoubtedly to be marked by fire in all football books. But if you describe the story, many are already written.

An Cup Libertadores She had her reputation in 1960, and so far has been 58 camps. But look: these 58 titles are divided between just 25 teams.

The winners are the biggest Non-independent (7), and he continued with him Beul (6) It is a bit back to Peñarol (5) and Students of La Plata (4) And The River? It is 3. The other Argentineans have taken this prize Races, The San Lorenzo, The Vélez and Argentine guys (every 1).

The River and Boca define the Libertadores Copa 2018. (Photograph: AFP)

The River and Boca define the Libertadores Copa 2018. (Photograph: AFP)

If there is a question about countries, clubs Argentina Those who run the route are 24 titles. The seconds? Those who have Brazil, by 18. Below is Uruguay (8), Colombia and Paraguay (3), Chile and Ecuador (1).

Which teams won the Libertadores Cup?

1960: Peñarol (Uruguaidh)

1961: Peñarol (Uruguaidh)

1962: Santos (Brazil)

1963: Santos (Brazil)

1964: Neo-independent (Argentina)

Mario Rodríguez, from Independiente, an score score with six goals: one of which gave Rojo the title in the final against the National of Uruguay.

1965: Independents (Argentina)

After having fought Peñarol in Avellaneda and his / her; In Uruguay, Rojo won the title in the town a distorted game That was played in the Chilean.

1966: Peñarol (Uruguaidh)

1967: Rèisean (Argentina)

The boy was explained again in a distorted game. This time, after two-0-0s (one in Argentina, the other in Uruguay), the National Academy 2-1 won in Chile.

Rèisidh is hitting National of Uruguay in Chile in Chile; final of the Libertadores Cup 1967.

Rèisidh is hitting National of Uruguay in Chile in Chile; final of the Libertadores Cup 1967.

1968: Students of La Plata (Argentina)

Other a distorted game, another influence for the Argentine club. In this case, the Palmeiras 2-0 mirror was hit in the & # 39; play that game in Uruguay.

1969: Students of La Plata (Argentina)

There was a suitable competition to close: they won in the half steps to the Catholic University for a 6-2 round and final to Nacional for a 3-0 record.

1970: Students of La Plata (Argentina)

There was Defender Néstor Rubén Togneri the hero at the end: the title took the mirror against Peñarol.

1971: National (Uruguay)

1972: Neo-Examiners (Argentina)

The Avellaneda played twelve games and they lost one: he was too San Pablo, in Brazil. In the final they affected the University of Peru.

1973: Neo-Examiners (Argentina)

In a & # 39; a distorted game of the final, played in Montevideo, the Avellaneda Colo Colo won 2-1.

1974: Non-Independents (Argentina)

The Uruguayan Ricardo Pavoni an hero of Avellaneda's: he made the goal that the team cup gave to the area a distorted game ro San Pablo, in Chile.

Creating an independent Copa Libertadores 1974 event.

Creating an independent Copa Libertadores 1974 event.

1975: Independents (Argentina)

Daniel Bertoni clarified two goals in the three games of the final against the Spanish Union (there was a tire game). In addition, another one indicated in that definition was Ricardo Pavoni.

1976: Cruzeiro (Brazil)

1977: Boca Juniors (Argentina)

The Xeneizes marked against the Cruzeiro in the town criminals: After connecting to & # 39; visiting the fighting game in Uruguay, Boca na Brazilians hit 5-4 of the 12 degrees.

1978: Boca Juniors (Argentina)

Hugo Perotti played an important role in the final against Deportivo Cali: he made two of the four goals with Xeneize; affecting 4-0 of Colombia.

1979: Olympia (Paraguay)

1980: National (Uruguay)

1981: Flamengo (Brazil)

1982: Peñarol (Uruguaidh)

1983: Gremio (Brazil)

1984: Neo-Examiners (Argentina)

Jorge Burruchaga made the same goal of his final match against Gremio, first leg that was played in Brazil (1-0). Then, the return was in Avellaneda 0-0.

1985: Argentine Juniors (Argentina)

The finalists from La Paternal won in America de Cali criminals in the climber game. The big sight of the heroine Claudio Borghi.

1986: River Plate (Argentina)

Juan Gilberto Funes was the final number for America of Cali: he was able to visit his / her; first leg and another in return (3-1 in total).

1987: Peñarol (Uruguaidh)

1988: National (Uruguay)

1989: Atlético Nacional (Colombia)

1990: Olympia (Paraguay)

1991: Colo Colo (The Tile)

1992: San Pablo (Brazil)

1993: San Pablo (Brazil)

1994: Vélez Sársfield (Argentina)

With José Luis Chilavert in the state of grace and with Carlos Bianchi as a DT, the Liniers won in the final to San Pablo with criminals as a visitor.

Vélez marks after being left by Copa Libertadores 1994.

Vélez marks after being left by Copa Libertadores 1994.

1995: Gremio (Brazil)

1996: River Plate (Argentina)

The Núñez is again marked before America de Cali: with it Enzo Francescoli and Hernán Crespo as figures, the team is led Ramón Díaz The Colombians hit in a final with a total 2-1.

1997: Cruzeiro (Brazil)

1998: Vasco da Gama (Braisil)

1999: Palmeiras (Braisil)

2000: Boca Juniors (Argentina)

An criminals They returned to Boca's joy, since this Xeneize did affect Palmeiras in Brazil. Detail: in the fourth quarter, the team of Carlos Bianchi went on the road to the River.

2001: Boca Juniors (Argentina)

Other definition by criminals In the final (this time against the Cruz Azul of Mexico) he gave Xeneize the title, who had Oscar Córdoba very safe in the task.

2002: Olympia (Paraguay)

2003: Boca Juniors (Argentina)

Trident of an awful attack by Carlos Tevez, Marcelo Delgado and Guillermo Barros Schelotto, the Xeneize was a warrior tip to tip. He won the final in Santos, Brazil.

2004: Once Caldas (Colombia)

2005: San Pablo (Brazil)

2006: International (Brazil)

2007: Boca Juniors (Argentina)

Juan Román Riquelme, from Boca, was chosen as the best player. The talented night had a dream night in the last round before Gremio.

Juan Román Riquelme, happy with Copa Libertadores 2007 (Picture: EFE)

Juan Román Riquelme, happy with Copa Libertadores 2007 (Picture: EFE)

2008: Quito Champions League Sport (Ecuador)

2009: Students of La Plata (Argentina)

Managed by a good man Juan Sebastián Verón (chosen as the best player in the competition), Pineiro Cruzeiro hit the final as a visitor.

2010: International (Brazil)

2011: Santos (Brazil)

2012: Korean (Brazil)

2013: Atlético Mineiro (Braisil)

2014: San Lorenzo (Argentina)

After that classical agonic In the group organization, Boedo influenced Paraguay's National with a total of 2-1 in a & # 39; final. The aim was to make the title by Néstor Ortigoza, of punishment.

2015: River Plate (Argentina)

Millionaire he took a great deal to delete anything else and not be less than a Boca in the 16th round, in the main controversy attached. He was able to mark the local title after winning the Tigres de México in the final.

The Todo River celebrates the Libertadores Copa 2015. (Photograph: Marcelo Carroll)

The Todo River celebrates the Libertadores Copa 2015. (Photograph: Marcelo Carroll)

2016: Atlético Nacional (Colombia)

2017: Gremio (Brazil)

Who is involved in the 201a Copa Libertadores banner? River or Boca?

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