Year-old flu vaccination was very correct. Now they are doing next year's vaccine


Because winter is coming, we are going to see it. Get a new influenza virus during winter. Now many of the Vikings are now lying and lying; turning pain, discomfort and, in particular, fever.

On average, the influence of flower flu is between five and ten percent per cent. Children who have had a lot of protection can be collected for many years, and up to 20-30 per cent in this group can be converted.

There is also a greater impact on adults who are living with the sick children. 10-15 per cent of adults will receive their & # 39; flu, but the numbers are uncertain and maybe higher, because many do not go to the doctor. So many issues are not reported.

This year, virus A (H1) is the most important factor. The image shows viruses elements closely related to A (H1) from a patient with cellular substance. Photograph: Kjell-Olof Hedlund / Swedish Institute for Invasive Diseases

Health workers are particularly vulnerable to disease and around 20 per cent are disposed of annually. In the last two years, there has been a lot of focus on the fact that they should do vaccine and do a lot to do it now.

Good impact this year

How good is this year's vaccine to & # 39; happen you do not know until the season comes completely. This year, its proportion is very successful, and then largely due to the most current virus type, according to the Health Institute. Public. Surveys show that between 70 and 90 percent of those who have been immunized have been in a position; avoid being ill.

– In most cases, vaccines have three or four viruses in vaccines. Certainly, this is called influenza A from one influenza A and one or two influenza B. This year is the one with which we can affect A (H1) virus, but there is a little virus A (H3) too. The last ones may have an impact on its & # 39; Most elderly people, and A (H1) have a greater impact on children, and especially those under the age of five, saying that the researcher of the Health Institute department has been " Public for the influenza, Karoline Bragstad.

Last year there were other viruses in circulation this year and then their vaccine was not working this year.

Decision now

The development of a new vaccine is a periodic process according to measurement work allowed. These days, WHO gathers information from the Norwegian Public Health Institute and similar groups from countries around the world to the next season's vaccine.

Two main types: There are two main types of influenza, A and B. But this is not so simple. There are a large number of sub-groups, and new ones emerging as they change. Photograph: Klùrr, Birgitte

The Norwegian Public Health Institute is working all year to analyze its & # 39; virus and illness, and has now submitted its evaluations, data and analysis to the WHO. Over a few weeks, WHO will collect the campaigns and checks carried out during the season. Then, the final decision of the next season's vaccine, prepared in the disaster, is determined.

– It may not be the viruses created to break out this year that will affect the next season. The viruses that are "smolder beneath the surface" and who are now experiencing the current level of disruption we are; focus on when the most likely viruses should be considered in the next season. We need to consider who has the ability to develop and; distribute, or who has a thousand that can be brought to the front of her; disease, Bragstad says and follows:

Doctor's Journey: According to the number of GP journeys, one can continue to develop this year's flu. How many doctors need a doctor and when the crop comes. In fact, the numbers are bigger because everyone does not seek a doctor Photograph: Public Health

– For the upcoming vaccine, we are particularly aware of some viruses of the type B we are. A new change of this has been introduced into the current vaccine, but fortunately it is not likely that the virus has hit the level we can think. But now it's interesting to see how WHO is considering this for the future season, says Bragstad.

He is vaccinated: Ph.D. Karoline Bragstad is a regional leader at Public Health Institute, Norwegian Influenza Department. Photograph: Onsøien, Ole Gunnar

When this year's vaccine is decided, it will represent. It is a time-consuming process, and it's a & n; takes about half a year before the medicine companies are ready to send their vaccine to her; market. Mortgages that are killed will be sent to & # 39; The vaccine is the complaint, but where the surface drinks are in place and that the form is required to identify the defensive system as a foreigner and antibodies against the viruses.

These vaccines are made in eggs. There are also vaccines made in stagnant lines. It means that the vaccine can be done faster, but such a bone flu vaccine is not yet available in Norway.

No cure

There is no extraordinary cure for flu vaccine, although antiviral drugs such as Tamiflu can give some help to those who are very ill. Once we have the disease, it's just a & # 39; experience the problem.

Unfortunately, flu can be a dead illness for older people and others with lesser health. Antioral drugs can help reduce symptoms and shorten the disease course, and are particularly recommended for patients who are very ill.

It is estimated that there are around 900 lives in Norway on illness, but the number can be between 200 and 2000, according to the Health Institute; Public.

During the year of illness

Although the flu becomes a wave in the winter, we have an illness during the year.

– This is the disease that has been introduced by people from a & # 39; travel abroad and who become ill when they come home. Then they can also cause others to disease so that we get individual cases or small geographical pockets, says the Inspector of the Health Institute department; Public Boards, Karoline Bragstad.

It must be repeated annually

In hospital: Last winter, approximately 7600 were introduced into the hospital with a severe illness. Folkehelseinstituttet

It is wrong to believe that a flu vaccine has been immersed over many years. Not. Therefore, it is important that everyone in the risk groups get their vaccine every year.

– There is so much change in the # 39; virus from year to year that focus should not be defensible, she says.

Better bananas

Bragstad believes we are going to make a better and better-term vaccine in the future, which is also broader and more permanent than those who are living. us today. But it may take a while before we have good choices.

– It also works to develop a number of anti-virus drugs, very similar to some antibiotic drugs; influenza virus. A better choice of antiviral drugs can be good when people are first arrested so that the disease will have a minimum effect. Flu vaccine can be saved if we have better medicines and medicines, says the flu researcher.

Good advice: Small sting can block lonely days in bed and save life. Photograph: Public Health

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