Yellow fever: is it necessary to vaccinate this summer to go to Brazil?


An yellow fever a viral disease that is pulled by biting some species mosquitoes. It can be heavy and even fatal. There is no cure but you can stop it. An vaccine It is safe, accessible, very effective and has enough dose to provide protection and protection to life, without the need for increased measurement, according to updated information of the Nationwide Ministry of Health according to those issued by the World Health Organization.

The word "yellow" refers to a & # 39; thankfulness of some patients present. Once the virus was dangerous and then 3 to 6 day contracting time, usually causing fever, myalgia with severe back pain, headaches, diarrhea, losses and nausea or burning.

Having remembered this, it is important to think, although Costa Argentin is a " making it much cheaper than traveling abroad, Brazil it has never been a stop in Argentina's minds. You need to keep in mind that the country that is in a position; live inside live last year Increasing the activity of yellow fever, and The World Health Organization and the national and local health agencies at Argentine suggested that those interested in travel should be vaccinated.

If you have been vaccinated last year, it is not necessary to submit it again

A main step vaccine is a ban on the face of yellow fever, which is Provides effective protection throughout the day against the disease. It needs to be managed by passengers with holiday destinations areas with spread of illness or to countries that need immunization to Argentine tourists to enter. Their vaccine must be used 10 days before the travel date and with one dose you have enough protection for your whole life.

In that table, if you gave it a "#; vaccine last year, it is no longer necessary to submit it again. If you have not done it is a suggestion Consult the doctor one month at least before it starts to give you the vaccine recommendations.

Who should be vaccinated and who is not

Those who do

• Passengers should be vaccinated at least 10 days in advance from 9 months of age to 60 years.

Who is not

• Infants younger than 8 months

• People with a great egg allergy

• Women and women who are pregnant with a child when they feed on her / her; chest

• An illusion patient with a disorder: including HIV, cancer or constitutional disadvantage

• Patients treated with immunomodulators and immunosuppressants

Warning: Patients who are over 60 years of age should have a medical consultation to assess the risk of the problem of their age. vaccine. Those who have a high risk can be strained from the vaccine for immigrant purposes.

Other countries as well as Brazil?

Ann Paraguay, Ecuador and Bolivia A male fever vaccine qualification is required for passengers older than 1 year old or coming from countries with a risk of spreading yellow fever.

Ann Colombia a yellow fever vaccine qualification is needed for travelers over 1 year from Angola, Brazil, Democrat Republic. Congo and Uganda and for travelers who have traveled more than 12 hours through an airport in a country with a risk of spreading yellow fever. The WHO advises the vaccine.

In case Venezuela, a yellow fever vaccine qualification for travelers who are more than 1 year old from Brazil and those who have traveled more than 12 hours through an airport in Brazil must be qualified.

Ann Suriname, French Guiana and Guyana Vaccination against yellow fever is also required for passengers who are more than 1 year old from countries at risk of spreading yellow fever and for passengers who have traveled through a port- air in a country that is at risk of participating. WHO recommends a vaccination.

Ann Peru An immunization certificate is not essential for entry but WHO offers a total of 9 months or more travelers to passengers; going to areas below 2300 meters in different areas.

The continent countries are not essential Chile and Uruguay.


In a & # 39; City of Buenos Aires Muñiz, Pirovano, Argerich, Durand and Hospitals Grierson, as well as the Centers for Health and Community Action 26, 33, 16 and 8, and attend as vaccine centers. In all cases, the mobile phone can be 4123-3257. In two of the three Nation-dependent vaccines – Frontier Health and Sommers Hospital – the online shift system is still in place, and for vaccines at Posadas Hospital, it must be on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 8 a 10. About the banana network Department of Buenos Aires and other jurisdictions can be found at

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