Yen Japan: USD / JPY (JPY = X) to fall again


Yen Japan: USD / JPY (JPY = X) to fall again

USD / JPY continuing to & # 39; weaken, and we're looking for a reduction in addition to its & # 39; Simple 50-minute simple (SMA) mobile at yen 112.76.

Seals have been sold over the last few days, but they have been sold. A summary above the 113.64 yen would be hard in the first term.

Generally, the price tends: side-by-side.

On the way, prices at risk are corrected to 112.52.

The main projected link is: 114.01.

The lowest level is considered in advance: 111.68.

The estimated closing price is: 112.84.


There was a black group (because closed prices are lower than they open).
In the past 10 barracks, there have been 5 white candles and 5 black candles. In the last 50 bar, there are 27 white candles and 23 black candles on a white candle net.

There was a much lower screen. This is usually a sign of support (especially when it is at low prices, at a level of support, or when the security is over).

Evaluation indicators

It is a general term in Momentum that is & # 39; used to describe the pace with transferring prices over a certain period. Typically, changes in the targeted are likely to be & # 39; leading to changes in prices. This expert illustrates the current values ​​of four emerging expressions.


One method of interpreting the Stockcilist Oscillator is to search for places that n " overshadowed (above 80) and areas over (under 20). The Stockcaster Oscillator is 21.8527. It is not read over or over here. The last one sold 4 times (s) back.

Co-Strength Strength Index (RSI)

The RSI is overwhelming (over 70) and places above (below 30). The current value of the RSI is 46.35. This is not a high or base area. The creation of a mark is to be purchased or sold when the RSI moves out of a region that is over / over. The final mark was sold back 32 times (s).

Channel Channel Record (CCI)

The CCI looks too much over (above 100) and places above (below -100). The current value is CCI -112. Reading is over here. However, a signal is not generated until the signal is exceeded -100. The last one sold 4 times (s) back.


The average mobile transitions / transitory signal (MACD) is giving signs when it is & # 39; crossing its 9 marks line. It's the last 1 month (s) soldier back.

Rex Takasugi – TD Profile

FOREX JPY = -0.010 closed at 112.810. The 99% decrease was lower than average (confirmation) and Bandon Bollinger was 3% shorter than usual.

Open High Low Close Volume___
112.820 112.860 112.680 112.810 949

Outlook Technical
Short term: Neutral
Intermediate Origin: Travel
Long-term: Benefits

Moving of midgies: 50-time 50-time 200-time
Close: 113.53 112.84 110.14
Abstinence: 6 7 7
Book: 107,550 108,941 107,596

Short-term trades should take a closer look at buying / selling vendors while intermediate / long-term traders should have more emphasis on their / Bullish or Bearish movement seen in the low ribbon.


FOREX JPY = currently is 2.4% above its average; 200-year-old movement and is in motion up. There is a fairly normal consistency compared to the average diversity over the last 10 times. Our complementary indicators show that there is a quantity of & # 39; flow in and out of JPY = comparatively comparable distance (neutral). Providers who expire their & # 39; We currently have a move to support JPY = and this vision has been in place for the last 7 times. our fast oscillator has set a new time 14 although there is no security price. This is a vigorous distribution.

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