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He asked me: How can you see the profile of the Arab world today compared to what was fifty years ago?

The word "Arab world" does not rely on us again without disruption and failure, and its. falling again every day. Half hundred ago, the picture was better. There was a state of cohesion and close proximity among the nation's nations, though at least. At that time, we saw three leading countries that established power and influence centers, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, while other Arab countries were experiencing; One of them fought in one way. Arab countries had an influence on their own or jointly on the divisional divisions, Between them or making a difference to revitalization; policies and guidance or the difference.
To see the picture clearer, let's be right for the 50 years that the list describes. During that time, we knew four projects that fought around the Middle East: the Zionist movement, which was working to reinforce Jewish state-building, and to " plan to prevent other parts of Arab land. And the Iranian who wants to restore the Renaissance a Persian Empire, with the tapestry of teaching. And Turkey, which wants to expand by using historical novels. And finally the Arab project, which was said by the old beginners who preached the unity of the country and the liberation of citizens.
But when the world went down, things did not stay likewise. In the case of Iraq, the country's attack was the biggest hit since its inception in Britain in the early 20th century. He lost his power and his influence after the Americans had been in a position; The mistakes of the late Landlords, Saddam Hussein and the correct sins he had to abolish a political system. To its land, and to raishear its wealth, and its; putting some of their agents into. The hostile host competition is still divided and divided.

Egypt has also been the center of influence, having lost many of its moral effects in the Arabian street and the international environment, after its fall, the new failure of the democratic test, and increase the militarism of militarism and its control of the power and decision restraint and application; In Saudi Arabia, her actions have also declined, and many of his papers have been lost, especially after improvements in Prince Anne's definition, Mohammed bin Salman, said a country connected to the & # 39; Zionist project to protect the United States and its & # 39; make sure he stops at the top.

At the same time as the later crimes in Arab power plants, the Arab revival project was subject to tremendous support. Initially it was bound to attack Kuwait, which caused the Arab world to become a state of untimely loss and lost its vibrant character. We can wait for decades before our grandmothers have the chance to introduce a new life.
In the meantime, the shift of the other three projects has greatly increased. Find the Iranians
They started in Iraq after the dismissal of the government of Saddam Hussein and their success to have a major impact on Iraq's decision, allowing them to enter the area as a skilled player in his policies and even in creating their governments. The Turks have made amazing progress, which is apparent in Iraq and Syria, and they are making more progress in the region. Israeli Israel were the most active and powerful, because of the status Israel had. living in the international and regional circles, after falling into the Arab world and declining its systems. In the first quarter of the new era, successes were recorded in the effort to expand the cost of the Arabians and to reduce Palestine's cause from a regional and international agenda through identifying Jerusalem as a capital and "Deal of the Century" As well as engaging in Arabic format and working hard to establish a normal connection with the & # 39; Most Arab countries.
Here we come to three key facts that need to be recognized, although once, a Arab world is abandoned and abandoned in a terrible way, and has to be a national news project. The third project, the most dangerous danger, is that the Zionist state has the opportunity to achieve its objectives in terms of expanding, control and control, as he wants and wants, without any negotiation with us.
After that, can I not tell you that the profile of the Arab world was 50 years ago better?

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