YOSHIKI, air of the world to excellence as a writer BARKS


Yoshiki has released a two-dimensional film with Hollywood actor Vin Diesel, known for "Triple X" and "Wild Speed" on his own devices.

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Two people sit alongside a white piano, looks like Diesel drinking and listening to Beethoven's "Moonlight" played by YOSHIKI is a fascinating thing.

An anecdote of Yoshiiki's musician in Hollywood film "xXx (Triple X) 4" announced last month. Vin Diesel is the top actor of the work. YOSHIKI is currently working on a music production of this work at LA, and as far as these two ships, it is anticipated that some of the work related to film was made on the current day, today. Apparently, it seems that a Hollywood film project that includes YOSHIKI is a & # 39; going on, and it seems that it will be published quickly.

In addition, YOSHIKI has also participated in the world-wide Sarah Brightman world tour, and has recently completed the New York show at Radio City Music Hall, the biggest drama hall in the world. In the San Francisco event on 9th local time, the 10th in the Los Angeles exhibition at the Dolby Theater is famous for the Academy Awards, but the reason why the New York exhibition was too big is also Participation in the world tour.

An evaluation of overseas performance is also increasing, but now Hollywood has been increasing; taking into account YOSHIKI's high level of competence as a writer. Following the New York Sarah Brightman program, there are articles in the digital media magazine that praises its quality; music performed by YOSHIKI musician.

"Sarah Brightman and" Miracle "Yoshiki are a song full of" wonderful "and a saint. It is a kind of work that is suited to be used for film and game scores sound. It is coherent and can be said to be confirmed by God, value of A. "
(Extracted from DIGITAL JOURNAL article)

Yoshiiki, which has been established in the USA for many years, but Yoshikiko has recently won its reputation as a composer of YOSHIKI and has started to attract foreign affairs. In the past, he composed the songs of Golden Gloves songs in the USA, but could appear in the Hollywood film industry in the future.

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