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In the case of objections to the New Urban Area project, on 4 September, the Executive Inspectorate concluded that there were many errors in the Th Thiem design process in Ho Chi Minh City, the Ministry of Construction and the Government Office. to break a & # 39; Prime Minister for approval; Demonstrates discharged management, land use. The HCMC People Committee needs to clarify the responsibilities of organizations and individuals.

On October 18, the first meeting was with the people of Th Thiem after the review, Chairman of the HCM City People's Nguyen Thanh Phong Committee, worked with around 30 homes in Fourth 1, Binh Ward – in the range of 4.3 hectares as determined by the Executive Inspectors outside planning.

The city praised the settlement solution in a land value conversation, the only reason. Three land adjacent to Binh Khanh bridge, selected 18,000 m2 for evaluation, was the basis for exchange.

At this time, the village on the design field is marked 4.3 hectares on map and it will Consult the Standing Committee of the Party and Executive Inspectors to link the management guidelines. Then the town will meet the people to identify and identify specific areas, and defining specific boundaries of each case.

With individuals and organizations involved in such a breakdown such as: The People's Committee, the Parish Committee 2, the authorities and leaders of the Thu Thiem Urban Area Management Board over time … in A week after the High Commissioner Commissioner's House Committee, the survey ends in November.


Head of the Media Committee of People Nguyen Hong Diep is always present at a & # 39; meeting between the Ho Chi Minh and Tu Thiem Town leaders.

On November 7 and 14, Mr Nguyen Thanh Phong met 100 homes in five wards (Binh An, Binh Khanh, An Khanh, Thu Thiem and Loi Dong) to discuss 10 content of support policies. sing. However, people are not cared for because they do not belong to their & # 39; In this case, their land is also outside planning as the 4.3 hectare range. At the same time, ask them to submit officers who were involved in the crime in the # 39; this big project.

Thu Thiem's ​​urban area is located on the east bank of the Saigon River, opposite Area 1 and only 300 meters away from the west. This is the new and expanded center in Ho Chi Minh City, which is expected to be so beautiful in the south east of Asia, which works in finance, culture , commerce, classroom, recreation and entertainment services.

More than 20 years after planning, the project was released over 99% of the site. There were over 100 homes that complain from the town to his / her; a major government for many years, saying that their land was out of plan with a decision to & # 39; First Minister in 1996 but still cleared; backlog, compensation money, help re-instate against regulations.

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