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Electricity Procurement is the most important subject in the technology world. It is more and more present in everyday life, as it can be found in cars, homes, computers and even smartphone phones. Experts estimate that 2020, 80 per cent of loose mobile phones work on the basis of a critical understanding, and Huawei is the carrier of this move.

Intelligence Artificial is a range of knowledge science with interdisciplinary knowledge. It is about the ability of computers to work as if they were sensible, which means they are " developing human knowledge to a degree. Under this, we can reflect on their ability to learn, generalize, plan, solve problems and logical reasoning. Genetic information is incorporated into psychology, natural knowledge, mathematics, logic, philosophy and other areas.

Analysts make up the $ 89 billion artificial information market per year and grow 12 hours from 7.35 billion dollars; expected to go this year. Most of the income is a & # 39; comes from the app market, but it seems clear that freeware information will be transformed to & # 39; business. Although some incredible ideas about the effects of artificial information are found online, scientists argue that fear is complex. In our opinion, we do not provide lodgings, but will help us and develop a lot of activities. Both in homes and in different workplaces.

Slovenian science scientists have been working with artificial knowledge for more than four decades

In China, Jožef Stefan Institute is the main body in this area, where a wild induction research started in 1972, and a few years later, the Laboratory for Intelligence Artificial was established. Not long after, they started exploring this interesting field at the Electric Engineering Faculty at the University of Ljubljana, where they set up; first laboratory in 1981. Both archives operated under the guidance of an educational program. Ivana Bratka expanded and went into a number of research departments, which worked within the Grazing Information Department at Faculty of Computing and Information Science, University of Ljubljana.

According to the Research Information System in SICRIS Slovenian, there are currently 30 research groups operating in a range of artificial data, and the Jožef Stefan Institute is still a great deal. They responded significantly to things at the Universities of Ljubljana, Maribor and Nova Gorica and the Chemical Institute and some companies dealing with information and communications technology.

The main areas of artificial information:

  • Visual information (recognizing shapes, face, fingerprints, …)
  • Speech information (language recognition, speech intrusion, …),
  • Practical information (control of robotic army movement, control of casualties, …),
  • Systematic information (familiar systems, database, …).

Power in a small folder

In recent times, we can see great achievements in the field of world-wide garment. From self-contained cars to different robots and computer programs that affect man in many games. There is also a big shift with smartphones. Credit for this is a significant contribution to economic development. The processes are becoming increasingly smaller and have the ability to & # 39; growing. The winning combination, of which small machines are usually like phones. The algorithms behind artificial information are very complicated and need a lot of computing power, and this was not so easy for editors.

For the introduction of emergency information to our pockets, it is certainly certain that one of the world's most popular smartphone makers, Huawei, deserves most. For Huawei, her first ice break last year would last with her & # 39; phone Mate 10 Pro and continue it spring in the P20 Pro phone. These two telephones were directed by the Kirin 970, who worked on the basis of artificial information. The most recent Mate 20 Pro step is even larger, driven by the Kirin 980 process that is even more powerful. This, similar to the previous one, is fitted with one single process unit, and including as many as two.

A phone that sees the world

The dual power of a false data that comes close to its & # 39; camera. The latter are able to identify different scenes and adapt automatically to the choice terms. In this way, the perfect beginner can also choose a picture that is completely captivating what's going on; happening in front of the lens. The Artificial Procurement Toolkit is on the # 20; Mate 20 Pro a & # 39; help you increase your surfaces and create a picture of beautiful pictures with an unnecessary background, highlighting the colors of the sun, and # 39; bend of the curved shirt, revive and illuminate nightclubs and so on. He also comes to help with t. i. macro shots or pictures of nearby recordings. The 20 Pro mate can take a sharp picture of the object even if it is only half a half centimeters away from the lens.

It is particularly valuable to describe its & # 39; HiVision activity, which works on the basis of artificial knowledge, and serves to find the items in which you are; guide your camera. In this way, you can simultaneously translate a text with your phone, find a unique thing on the web, and even make sure the calories your food is on your table.

The Leica camera is made up of three lenses. A 40 MP resolution base, a wide-ranging ultra-rectangular arrangement of 20 MPs and a 8PP resolution television. The second one is attending optical enhancement, that is, an increase in the loss of quality of images is a little scary and very little. The sensor provides optimal 3x increment or 5x hybrid, with brattops to & # 39; supported by a processor, who is a professional that enhances the quality of the recorded photographs. The ultimate feature of the lens is very wide ranging, which gives a wider overview of the environment and its; adding three dimensional space and impact to the pictures.

The process changes to the user's customs

As mentioned previously, it is a moving moving system Kirin 980; in a source of artificial information. It is built on a 7-nanometer advanced technology base, which, compared to the previous one, Kirin 970, a & # 39; delivering up to 20% of achievement and 40% more efficient. Kirin 980 is the first mobile process in the world that is Cortex-A76 core use. It is made up of two large cores, two large boilers and four small pieces. This process, in conjunction with an emergency understanding, provides the best source of system systems, while at the same time it will Ensure that faster work and battery devolution are better.

Its product may also be said to be really unacceptable to & # 39; mentions a deep understanding. Huawei Mate 20 Pro has large 4200 mAh products and SuperCharge technology supports 40 W jobs, including goods to 70 per cent in 30 minutes. It also supports the Charge Charge of 15 Ch, ​​the industry's fastest wire renewal solution, and its # 39; repaying wireless charges that allow you to use your phone as a replacement battery. Therefore, users can also use the phone to save other devices that support the protection of wire through the Qi level.

With all of these powerful components, the Mate 20 Pro represents a very good computer performance that enables each activity. Indeed, this ability also wants proper protection. That's why Huawei has developed a advanced advanced 3D camera based camera in Huawei's latest phone, and recognizes the face in just 0.6 seconds, and the "hidden" branch reader is on the screen.

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