You can not add more spy & # 39; WhatsApp's status for your acquaintances


The intention & spying & # 39; Your connections are now capable. You can not do more on the "WhatsApp" status of your acquaintances.

WhatsApp has decided to change the module that allows you to view the temporary states, call WaBetaInfo on Twitter.

From now on, the service will send private messenger messages to users. That is, it will let you know if someone has been able to access your state in an "unexpected way". Previously, it just did not include to & # 39; delete the function of the message, the revised messages, images and videos of links, and then activate the action again.

However, it is different. The only way to achieve this is to play with the 24-hour time; that is open. So it would prevent the presence of being recorded. And not good news in WhatsApp.

But just a few days ago, the demand "ends" on the chains. Through a new refurbishment, WhatsApp created a limit of acquaintances for the same notification. After a pilot trial in India, the service offers five quiz to its & # 39;

The purpose of the step is to avoid spreading and replacing false or misleading information. Also of pornographic content and invasion. The Indian government was the only one to ask WhatsApp founders of the so-called "chains".

You can not do more on the "WhatsApp" status of your acquaintances.


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