You do not believe how Emilia Dankwa, a little star of and looks today


"" has been very successful after the first television shows on Polish Television. In addition to the famous Polish spectator, the actors made many new faces, including Julia Wieniawa. One of the stars of the children in the series has become a more unchanged change.

"" for years has made his own name a market with a great game of political actors, supported by young star, who brought together a great picture of the usual Polish family. The opponents were in the series, but many other supporters demonstrated the way in which the stereotypical home was presented in our country.

Over the years, actors have been known to make adults, and some have changed. Observers have regard to the change of one of the youngest people that appeared in the series, look completely different after years. – the star looks completely different

Spectators of the series were about Zosia's number, a friend of Kacper the Divine, played by Emilia Dankwa. A 14-year actress joined the project seven years ago, and although it seems like it has happened recently, the girl has been involved in representation from her first years.

This number was very happy with the audience. Although she started mixed misconduct through her pregnant and childish behavior, she became one of the most important characters. So, the producers decided to submit it more often than in documentary displays.

Emilka celebrated her fourth birthday yesterday. Despite her age, she is regarded as one of the top stars of Polish television, and years of age. featured in the series " " they are not only developing their reputation. There are no doubt that future roles in the largest representations are waiting for her in the future. – changing the star

It is difficult not to accept those who are in a position. Considering how Emilia Dankwa changed over the last few years. The girl grew up very well, and her instagram can continue his metamorphosis, which runs with her mother. Looking at some pictures, it's hard to get a & # 39; Believe that she was the only girl who made her first step in acting in recent years when TVP was made.



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Emilia Dankwa has also featured in series and other films. She appeared in the second season of the "Belfer" series or in the movie "Być jak Kazimierz Deyna". She met very good reviews for her current roles.

We should look forward to the future succession of the divine family in the future. "" is still hosting a lot of people in front of TV sets, even when the previous season installments are broadcast. Observers are interested in additional family history, so new programs do not seem to be too much time.
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It was said that it would leave TVP by handling it. No one was expecting

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