You got out of the background, Persija Bekuk Shan United 3-1


Yangon – Persija Jakarta packed first prize in the AFC 2019 Cup. Defeating Shan United in the second game of Group G, Tigers Kemayoran won 3-1.

He will meet at Thuunun Stadium, Yangon, Myanmar, on Tuesday (03/12/2019), Shan United, a Myanmar club, can attack Persija at the start. Although he can put the button on, Shahar Ginanjar's aim has been broken first.

Ryo Nakamura is breaking into your Persija goal in the 15th minute. By using the foot, the 30-year-old Japanese player picked up the guests up by 1-0.

If it is left, Persija tries to call. Bruno Matos promoted the penalty several times, but he was able to restore his efforts to the fans of Shan United.

In the 27th minute Bruno made an effort. He pushed into the penalty box from the right and fled, but the ball was not still meeting the target.

In the 33 minutes, there is a chance to get Persija back. Heri Susanto created a large cross into the penalty area and Silvio Escobar was taken, but the striker Paraguay's strike was still too weak.

In the 42nd minute, Persija had the best chance from a long piece of music. Bruno Matos shot a free kick from the left, and the ball hit the bar above Shan United's goal. The member was then hit by Riko Simanjuntak, but only finished in the corner. To break them, the score did not change to a higher level than Shan United.

In the second half, Persija stressed the hosts. The 58th minute Persija focuses on Shanxi Min Latt made to Shan United Minke.

Myo Min Latt took a ball back from his companion in the penalty box, so a free exercise was given to Persija near the opponent's goal. Bruno Matos who was to become an executor has been unsuccessful in using the ball to hit Shan United.

Two minutes later Escobar got another chance. From a corner on the right, his head was still narrow from Shan United's aim. New Persija ration paid up in 66 minutes.

Bruno Matos has altered the score to 1-1. Using advanced bait in the pen box, the midfielder that attacked him was in an untrue Brazilian with Myo Min Latt with his left foot.

Persija was given a good chance in the 75 minutes after the gradual introduction of a progressive Heri Susanto into the penalty box. Waiting for the warden Shan United, he didn't manage to stop his strike. But two minutes later, Persija gets his second goal.

From the corner, Steven Paulle pointed to Shan United's goal. Despite being introduced, his leg was still able to catch the ball and he kicked a kick of the target.

Shan United, who turned his back, turned on pushing. In the 81th minute, a crossing from the right side of Persija, Maman Abdurahman, who banned him, interfered with the Member's goal. The ball then comes out and comes into the kick of a corner.

In the 83rd minute, Persija received his third aim. Bruno Matos, who got a passport and lives face to face with Myo Min Latt, started his third team's goal. The score is 3-1.

Shan United was weighted enough in the rest of the rest. One was from Maycon, where his kick at the left end was still narrow from the Persija keeper guarded by Shahar Ginanjar. Until the game finished, Persija had a 3-1 victory over Shan United.

These results get Persija four points from two games, after the first game hosted by Becamex Binh Duong drawn 0-0. Now Persija is head of the G Group with four points, one ahead of Cerez-Negros, who will be competing with Becamex just after that.

Reconciliation of players

Shan United: Myo Min Latt, Hein Thiha Zaw, Air Aung, David Htan, Ye Min Thu, Zin Min Tun, Hedipo Conceicao, Ryo Nakamura, Set Phyo Wai, Yan Naing oo, Maycon

Persija Jakarta: Shahar Ginanjar, Dany Saputra, Steven Paulle, Mamdu Abdurahman, Ismed Sofyan, Ramdani Lestaluhu, Bruno Matos, Rohit Chand, Heri Susanto, Riko Simanjuntak, Silvio Escobar

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