You have to ask Chelsea about my future


Date published: Sunday 10 February 2019 6:51

Chelsea Maurizio Sarri's Chief Executive appears to be in the dark about the future of the club after he has thrown it again when they are in a hurry. travel.

Sergio Aguero succeeded in a similar equivalent to Manchester City as a converting to the top of his Premier League with Chelsea 6-0 confusedSouth Westerly

The Argentinian argument came together with Alan Shearer on 11 Premier League challenges when they returned to their favorite places in a one-off event at Stafa Etihad.

Most of the damage in winter came to her; Open 25 minutes, with Aguero to hit & # 39; The first two of the evenings between strikes from Raheem Sterling and Ilkay Gundogan.

That is set up as Aguero as a Premier League player, over 158 Eric Brook and Tommy Johnson's visitors, and later sent him to her. his case to 160 by completing his problem from the place.

Sterling put the seal forward by adding to his second 10 minutes from time.

"At this time I can not explain," he told Sky Sports.

"During the week, my awareness was good during the course of the training. It may have been the goal we've been giving after three minutes that it was not difficult to play. It was difficult not to & They gave them a place. We were in trouble. I can not understand.

"We have made a lot of mistakes against the challenging ones. They played great football and we made a lot of mistakes. We wanted to get started at the beginning of the work but the plan was greatly damaged because we were offset. ; permit after three minutes.

"I think the difference between the two teams was so bad. It was very good and we could not do it. We can respond correctly. We can not wait in the game.

"At the moment we have a great deal of trouble. At the beginning of the season we were better off at home. But everything has changed in the last month. We need to understand.

"It's right. I'm over the team so it's right [that he faces pressure]Next Post You have to ask the club [if there will be discussions about his future]. "

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