"You have to do something"


Mariela Sotomayor of Intruders continues to continue to go. pick up dust. Yesterday, La Fourth published an interview with the journalist who told her that she had spent a lot of time in the program that was not included in -them, "people who did not feel 100% good" and feeling "", By weakening that they would not renew a contract.

The allegations fell as a bottle of rain on the La Gran Canaria team, and she denied her bad feeling in her nine months.

"It seems like it is uncomfortable, dangerous, ugly, I think I'm feeling unhappy, getting to and # 39 ; use. I never saw anyone who was disturbed in the program, "is the version of Alejandra Valle, the host and speaker of the working group, called Last week Sotomayor has been involved.

The decision was released unofficially faster than expected and was greatly disturbed by the & # 39; first person, because he only happened when his father was brought to hospital for serious health problems.

Valle defends her family, and her & her; confirming that she and her colleagues did not know that the opinóloga would get the seat and once they were told they started off. A full farewell craice that has never been done, since this statement did not agree.

"It's very uncomfortable that I talk about abuse, that I am announcing some of the panel members and people for things that make decisions of the channel. If they bring out a panel and decide that this is unknown, it seems that I am very unsuitable for his being infected, I do not know how he is done. For a surplus, Mariela had everything right: she was told about a month before she did not continue and was offered a blessing on the screen. "

– Mariela says that her people sent her panel to her; Feeling she was bad, what can you see, Ale?

We are a panel, we talk about the topics, the conversations are heated, but they do not. Happening to adults, it seems like someone has bothered you in a soccer game. I never saw a problem from the air with someone.

– There's also a point that he did not ever have a & # 39; a sense of feeling.

I do not know, none of us have a & # 39; Coming together on weekends, we are not particularly friendly. We all have a cure all of us, we stayed every Tuesday to take lunch together, I did not wait because it could not, not because of it; and she was not invited. And not just his face, he's a big crowd of 35 people. Here she never told her that she was not part of the group, on the other hand, she was always at her; offered work with its companies and gave us some support. I was very sad with what he says.

– If it were up to you, would you have left it in the program?

In fact, I enjoy it very much, and I like it, it's fierce, vibrant, but it seems I did not; get good time either.

– Have they communicated?

She asked her when it was appropriate for her dad to be ill, I gave her her again and she did not respond, her statements came. It has not been long … We've all been deceived and horrified, because we did not expect this. For now, if she does not self-deceive and her; understands what she did wrong, and that damages a team that welcomed her with open armies for 9 months.

– I have a feeling related to you?

That sin had to be done. I spoke to him a thousand times and they all did it, we tried to keep it, for many times she came to cry to her; program for personal things. In "Intruders" we have clear consios, but we are very tough and we're sorry, because he said things that give us an image to non-true people.

Rodrigo León, an active representative of the area, also gave an attack: "It is always painful when a member of the program needs to leave the project. However, we have been greatly assured of how things have passed the last two days. Our panel members had nothing to do with Mariela from Intruders. "

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