you need to work 100 times a week to change the world


Elon Musk believes that you can always give more.

Many Amazon are considering a company that is a? specialized work your staff. But Elon Musk seems to be far behind. On the other hand, it could be even more rude.

At least that is a & # 39; reflecting its amazing insight into how well a person can work. Too your Twitter account The activity published a series of messaging; where he / she shares his / her opinion on the best extension of any working day:

The geographer shows that No one has changed the world by working 40 hours a day. Under a traditional English week paramatar.

Indeed, as the speech goes on, it's even a & # 39; recommends a range of between 80 and 100 hours of work each week as possible.

In other words we should all work more normally than 14 hours from Monday to Sunday to make a significant contribution to the change of planet.

At the end, Elon Musk sent everything, and # 39; If you love what you do, it does not want to work. But above all it seems to be looking at & # 39; trying to consolidate people

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