You need to work for them … Tower does not easily handle "Geugan ahead" configuration


Personality features are strictly controlled by & # 39; accept other people's apologies. Some of the characters are able to return water to their streams after a long time to disagree with them easily, and they will get other personalities that your excuse can not accept, despite the small size of the problem cause the disruption in many cases. Maya Naji, "The birth of the air and coastal towers ends in those towers, which need a great deal of effort to be able to complete personal disputes with them, and # 39; s they are wonderful, accessible and focused in the new tower of birthSouth Westerly

Let's look at the top 5 highest towers


There is a special personality of friendship, different thinking and enjoyment of enjoyment, and so when you disagree with them, be careful to stay away for a while, and then you can open the route to configuration and do not giving unwanted or undoubted apologies.


Men's taurus are particularly difficult to complete the struggle because they are very coherent and do not easily choose anything in life, so they need proof arguments and focus on the detail of each step you take to apply them.


At the Aquarius babies have a strong personality, and if they disagree with you, you will not get an easy way to send us. But if you are talk to their minds and confirm them that they will not add it again, you may be able to safely save the situation.



Scorpions have a strong personality, especially women, and are different from the rest of the other female towers, so they are aware of the scorpion from Sgorpio because their joy is very difficult and can not be graduated back, no matter what level.


In terms of birth Libra, it may be easier for you to apologize, while & # 39; They talk to the truth in the & # 39; Your conversation, but if you have a dribbling smell smell, there is no hope to do it; return as it was before.

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