Young men died in the house after a great explosion


Wednesday, January 30, 2019 09:30 AM (GMT + 7)

After a high tapestry, finding the neighbors of a young man lying untouched by many wounds.

Young men died in the house after a great explosion - 1

The scene where the explosion occurred. Photograph: N.N.N

On afternoon 29/1, Hoa City (Dong Nai) Police Constabulary co-ordinated with professional units to study field, forensic study, investigate the explosion caused by a young person to die.

The first news that a major explosion occurred around 15f on January 29th at home in Fourth 7, Ho Nai Ward, Ho Ho City, (Dong Nai), caused the death of Mr NVM (30 years & Age). When the locals heard a great explosion, they found out that the young man died in the garden.

At this time, the house was destroyed, glass doors, corrugated iron and many other furniture were thrown and spun. After the event occurred, the authorities were blocked on the site to investigate and clarify their case.

Awareness: A couple died after a great explosion

After the blast, the people came to find out that an English couple had died, bloody two sons suffered very seriously burned.

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