Young men who fade off her; wood that shakes skin; whole arm


Open patient's skin.

The family gave him just a DT. (Aged 28, living in Doan Hung, Phu Tho) to an emergency room at Hung Vuong General Hospital (Phu Tho).

The patient in the hospital had a lot of blood away from the right arm, his coffin, the abdomen, and the whole skin from the right arm to the abdomen.

Young men had wood cuttings; whole gutting arm - Picture 1.

Patient in hospital in the condition of a cough of blood.

At present, the doctor will continue to deal with the wound of blood. At the time of consultation, patients were moved to the emergency room with 3 blood units and surgeons.

The surgery lasted 3 hours, the doctors would cut gear cut off, a & # 39; scratched from the right arm, and coffin to the abdomen.

Young men had wood cuttings; gut a whole arm - Picture 2.

Doctors who make emergency treatment for the patient.

Depending on the doctors, the patient has been able to recover from severe brain injury as a result of the traffic accident in July last year, so the laboratory should be fairly accurate and accurate. The family has preserved the patient's skin and was taken to hospital over time, so the patient can make skin cuts smoothly.

Young men were cut with a whole skin machine - Picture 3.

Repeat skin for the patient.

However, as a result of their first help, the disaster was not good and the patients lost a lot of blood, in the state of shock, fish, blood loss, and very dangerous.

Labor safety is very important, it should be equipped with safety equipment, knowledge in the safety of staff and how you deal with accidents. If you need to & # 39; skin, the patient should be handled promptly, covered by installments, bending, pain relief and referral to specialist hospitals for the best medicine.

Doctors note that the skin that is removed from it must be removed; body clean, stored in a clean nut bag, then covered in cold ice water and moved to the passive. a special hospital.

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