Young people want to sleep to kill property owners who steal property


Team leader (left) and two comparisons. Photograph: Police provided

Team leader (left) and two comparisons. Photograph: Police provided.

The police took hold of Truong Tuan Kiet, Le Tuan Kiet, and Nguyen Thanh Tung from 18 to 22, in Ho Chi Minh City for investigation. Murt and Robbery; Phan Thi Da (20 years, Kiet's lover, Binh Thuan native) on behavior Hide crime.

According to their first inspection, in early November, these four played to the Chau Thanh district, Vin Vinh division. For more than twelve days here, the organization will always change the hotel because they have no money to pay. During this time, the 47-year-old Zhang Tuan Kiet is familiar with. The two species, Truong Tuan Kiet, are the person who costs money.

Later on, Zhang Tuan Kiet told the group to hear and say that there are many silver companies, gold and SH cars. At this point, Bi-faction is actively working with the dead body of the victims of the robber.

Late on November 13, according to the Blubber designation, Tung by Tuan Kiet for a friend's sleep to live for friends. After the "funny", without prejudice, Zhang Tuan Kiet gave her a pillow on her face, and a knife knife. He asked for a rescue, escaping his death.

No people were arrested. Tung got out, he met Blizzard and Thi should tell the story and then he was arrested on November 15, arrested in this Mon area, Ho Chi Minh City.

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