Young Sharjah Biennial to create solutions for the future in Abu Dhabi Arts


The 8th-year Agatha told the idea of ​​a representative called Doll Ailphant Mamma at a workshop that Biennale Sharjah Children gave as part of the 10th edition of the Abu Dhabi Art Show.

The doll can be hanged on the wall in the child's room, and when the child is shouting, the piper will sing in the mother's voice until she goes; mother went into the room to calm her baby. One young partner also created an idea for a robot to play music, and cleaning and producing books for those who wanted to read.

Biennale Sharjah Children is part of Art Abu Dhabi, as part of the preparations for its sixth edition, under the theme of "Future in the Limits of Your Minered". This event is the first of the kind in UAE and the department to stimulate children's talents. , A global technical project dedicated to promoting children's creativity, developing their ideas and ideas; turned into real innovations.

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