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Meet Nguyen Ngoc Ha on the remote island, I was delighted to hear the young teacher; sharing life and working to "add a lot" is hard but also fun, fun with the head of this wave.

Visiting the Sinh Ton Island (Truong Island Island, Khanh Hoa area), we are attracted to the island since the first time we first drove the island, the peace and blue of the leaves, the soldiers Young, alone, consistently, the beautiful face of the children.

In a large group of people at the top of the wave, among the collections and the people in honor, I became aware of a small, harsh, gloomy person.

He asked some of the fishermen on the island, known as the teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ha – Sinh Ton Elementary School teacher, one of the 42 special examples honored by the Ministry of Education and Training as a teacher the area. sea ​​island …

Mr Nguyen Ngoc Ha received a qualification certificate with the Khanh Hoa Education Department for his special achievements in the Truong education area education from 2013 to 2018.

He was born in 1990 in the Dai Lanh (Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa division), graduated from Nha Trang College of Knowledge, teaching Nguyen Ngoc Ha in primary school near home.

A life-friendly, friendly life to the daily class of the teacher not what a person wants to be.

However, when they hear employing teachers to work in the Spratly island area, without a dispute, Ha writes a voluntary application for island teaching.

"When I wrote a voluntary letter to the island, what did my parents say?" Ask me

"It was not easy first, my parents were complaining, it was because of love and care for me, and my love would not be," she said. we broke up

It's so sad, but after he has listened to him, telling his desire, at last, everyone agrees. "

That is five years ago, now the young teacher of the Sinh island is 5 years old.

Leaving a rust: The children of June (2018) came past the island. I'll return to the mainland. It's so fast, it's been 5 years. As soon as I am going on the island, now this is my second home. Not far away but I've lost …

Sinh Tung Elementary School students were gladly heard by representatives from the mainland to visit the island

5 years ago …

Good family, sweetheart; In June 2013, the young teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ha to Sinh Tôn – Eilean came to confirm his name for the surprising vitality and vitality of the people of Vietnam at the head of the wave.

Initially the island became very ugly, as unhappy, Nguyen Ngoc Ha met many difficulties. The weather is heavy, with long-term heat waves, despite attempts to overcome it, despite receiving land support, but the island still has a lack of water, vegetables.

At that time, the beef soldiers need, a vegetable division, water letters. Living in the remote island, young people, unfortunately, Lament the home, remembering relatives who are ill; cut off an egg liver. But when the teacher stopped.

After her class, he went to grow the family, grow vegetables, chicken … improve life. For my homesickness, staff talk about students, colleagues, soldiers on the island as friends.

Early in the evening, the teacher traveled together. The mathematics, the singing verses, the colored wind were chilled, and making life on the island much harder, causing the vitality of peace and suffering.

Speaking to me, Nguyen Ngoc Ha said: "When I came to the island, the school's facilities are quite temporary, so the library needs to preserve the place of the People's Committee and so Not just enough It is inconvenient, since its company authorities have huge functions, it will affect teaching teaching.

Supported by Vu A Dinh scholarship property, in December 2013, the two-storey school, a region of almost 300m2 There are 6 classrooms for nurseries during the 5th grade, including a library, classroom, classroom, playground, sitting room, water-fresh tank and equipment. Teaching and learning work began.

On the new school, the island is enthusiastic. With our teacher, this is fun, exciting inspiration. So, the teacher and the game are more interesting, trying to teach well, learn well.

In the 2017 school year 2018 – Sinh Trinh Elementary School was made up of 10 students, including 3 secondary students and 7 primary students. Le Anh Duc is above the pre-school, Mr Nguyen Ngoc Ha is teaching a basic school.

This means that teachers need to prepare and prepare 3 lessons (level 5, level 4 and stage 1) before the class, at the same time.

The school does not have a lot of students, so they are related to different levels, so it has included the model class grading, teaching – learning a VNEN program.

So, in a classroom, at this Vu Trung Tin – fifth grade students are very busy, the next row is a bit; children Vo Thanh Thach, Nguyen Cong Minh Huy – fourth grade – attentive writing.

In the other series is Nguyen Cong Minh Hai, Vo Trung Thuc, Vo Hoai Bao An, Nguyen Ngoc Thuy Trang, letters, rhymes.

Visiting a & # 39; class, the writers heard when their children are The air front and care collection on the front page.

Sinh Tôn Elementary School students are enthusiastic for celebrations and soldiers on the island

Mrs Xia said that two levels should have more care and attention with levels 1 and 5 to help students to be able to attend. attaining the level of knowledge and students at the end of the inspection, when preparing for the test. level of movement.

In order to create a happy situation, after school, Mr Ha and his colleagues often carry out activities for the classes, tell students to learn to sing, learn dance, participate in games, general events Post-

As well as teaching – learning their program, to step-by-step the children to first conception of love, national self-esteem, sense of sovereign sovereignty, sea island, civil obligation; To help children by creating personalization, & # 39; Loves parents, relatives more than the love of the country, associations … a teacher also presents pictures, pictures, sketches, songs with appropriate content The general functions of their guidance students for learning.

Imagine: In the sound of the sea waves, the juvenile is singing on her; young voice under the green thistle:This is the island. This sea is on me. Changsha! Whatever the room ba …" (*) Not in the knife: "If you are in a hurry, you will win the prize to win."… make the island much harder, difficult, tough of the sun's wind; Make people listen to more love, proud of home, home.

To help children to create life skills in the context of a community environment, Mr Ha has a " Speaking quickly in the lecture stories that know the community, community, country relationship, marine life skills, communication skills.

In the classroom, create friendly, positive places for students, take advantage of the time of breaking, a teacher Xiaoping cutting, haul, behaviors, grasp create flowers, fun graphics … the decoration corner decoration, & # 39; Give their board to help children "learn that fun, fun for learning".

Mr Nguyen Ngoc Ha (left, left) and representatives from the island of Sinh Sinh Island received a certificate worthy of outstanding achievement in the development of education in the Truong Sa area, 2013 – 2018 , with the Khanh Hoa Department of Education and Training Training

In addition to developing new knowledge, children who do not "be encouraged" help students on the mainland, whenever the license, the teacher participates in training classes, learn from knowledge to gather materials … to develop their own professional skills.

At the same time, when guests from the mainland want to visit the island, visit their class; Mr Ha "benefits" of exchanges, meeting to help students open their lives and others.

This will help to & # 39; contributing to, updating information, social knowledge for teachers and students, and their development of communication skills for children.

Mr said: "The students here are very good, they love you, a good tangerine, close together, and deal with each other as brothers, a great brother as children will encourage.

They also want to sing, like to participate in the general work of the island. There is an opportunity to organize a cultural festival or to welcome guests from the mainland to visit, in the exhibitions, not to mourn the children ever in it.

They sing, a & # 39; Playing confidently, there are less than small friends in the land.

As soon as we confirmed the teacher, we were invited to the extent of the fields – three-dimensional shadow screen – to change the arts.

In music when you are busy, deep, the song to praise the countryside, the country, the sea island and her; going to sea.

Participating in exhibitions, exchange with sisters, sisters, small island citizens – Sinh Tau Primary school pupils. Looking at the tall singing; in awe, many of us are crying tears. Dewar of the proud, beloved …

With the efforts of a teacher and student, by the end of 2017 – 2018, 100% of students in Sinh Tôn Elementary School will achieve the prescribed levels for knowledge and skills. This is essential, helping children have enough knowledge, with confidence to return to the mainland and continue to learn up.

– 5 years of keeping the classroom on a remote island, there are souvenirs that are in place; keep remembered forever? – ask me.

Nguyen Ngoc Ha said: "There are many, but most of my memory is the pictures of the students who were painted for teachers on November 20, and # 39 ; a girlfriend's love to divide fishermen's home with every fish.

In particular, the time the teacher left when I returned to the land, Bring me tied, it has a big impact! "

– After this, if you keep your choice, will you work again? – Ask me lower – yes! I'm always ready! Low response without disruption, challenge confidence, clear.

On the island, I read the teachings of the uncle, deep carved carved military life to stone:

"In the past we had only the night and the wood. Today, there's a day there is a heaven and there is a sea. My beach is beautiful and beautiful, I need to take care."

His teachings are made by the Sinh Tone islanders with all the people of the country.

In the team of fast-standing people standing at the beginning of the wave to build, and maintain the sovereignty of the Fatherland sea island, is a young tutor Nguyen Ngoc Ha.

As this article goes on the page, also 20 November – the day is a day; respecting the teachers and gentle teaching coming close, Mr Nguyen Ngoc Ha has returned to the mainland to continue with his / putting people forward.

By phone, I want to: remember that an island is not? Laugh, reply, voice recall: Remember my sister, remember everyone, remember every pupil, remember the sound of the day of the day, remember when you grow up, and # 39; Growing vegetables, fishing with home fishing …

Listen to Nguyen Ngoc Ha, "I like the love of the work, I'm loved that the people out of the light are flexible in your eyes.

That needs to be at the heart of the young teacher, days of putting on Sinh Island on the face of the Motherland face – always the most beautiful days of life.

And where, with enthusiasm, wisdom, energy, Nguyen Ngoc Ha contributes greatly to the purpose of the people of the country.

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